Why Create A Relax- Zone in Your Corporate Headquarters?

Do you know that we spend more than 2000 hours at our workplace in a year? Yes, it is so if we work 8 hours a day and five days in a week; and this exceeds for those who have to work long hours in the office. Although we have to be busy during the working hours, sometimes it becomes quite mundane.

Most of the working people now have to work long hours, and a majority of them stay glued to the desk staring at the computer screen for a maximum period of the working hours. This creates a mental block, and when this persists, people are not able to concentrate fully on their jobs. The only solution to avert such situations is to create a relax-zone, where the employees can take a mental break. Such special areas where people can be less formal or enjoy their refreshments are of paramount importance for any corporate headquarter.

No matter if you are the pride owner of a massive corporate house, or luxury hotels & restaurants, or shopping malls & multiplexes, or exotic bars & casinos, or hospitals & healthcare facilities, there are employees everywhere; and they need to get relief from the continuously mounting stress.

What is a relax-zone?

Any specific space in the corporate setting that is distinctly different from the usual working area and open to the employees and visitors as well can be the place for relaxing or breaking out of the monotony. This is the place, where the employees relax with a cup of coffee or take their lunch and even can have informal meetings. Such places are immensely important in any corporate setting, and these also comply with the safety laws that require the employees to take frequent breaks from the computers.

Why need a relax-zone?

When the employees work continuously for hours together, they feel to be drained out completely. That is why they need some place, where they can relax and return to the desk fully charged.

Having a relax-zone in the commercial setting, you are sure of

  • More job satisfaction: When the employees are happy with the office culture & ambiance, they feel content about their job. A relax-zone helps them strike a balance between their work and breaking out time. Being satisfied, they turn more loyal to the organization and always do their work in the best possible manner.
  • Increased efficiency: Satisfied employees are always charged with positive vibes. As they have a chance to meet others informally, it helps them to improve themselves, and they become more efficient.
  • Improved productivity: Breaks take people out of stress and also help them to think clearly. When this happens, they become more productive.
  • Improved employee morale: When employee’s requirements are met, their morale shoots up naturally, and they become motivated to achieve the common goal.

Additionally, when a relax-zone is introduced into any corporate setting, it removes the frustration arising out of aggressive goals that are common to corporate business. A relax-zone also reduces employee absenteeism, as the employees start loving their workplace. It further reduces the stress-related health issues and cuts down the overall healthcare costs.

Designing a relax-zone

Designing a relax-zone is not that easy and cannot be done overnight. It needs creative planning for transforming part of a corporate space into a relaxing zone. It need not be very extravagant or spacious. The only thing required is to make the place relaxing and inspirational. You can include some furniture or playing arrangement, but the best thoughtful choice is to include something green in the corporate space.

Several studies conducted strongly indicate that humans have some psychological affinity over the natural elements. They become more positive when they are near to nature. However, introducing live plants in any corporate headquarter has many pitfalls. They need regular care to keep them healthy. As they continuously grow, you need to do trimming and pruning to keep them in shape, and they have a definite life cycle. With artificial trees and plants, you do not have such problems. These are made 100% botanically correct and can withstand varying weather conditions. Once installed in the corporate house, they start adorning the place from the day one.

You can use the artificial trees and plants for creating an eye-catching green boundary for the corporate setting. These have many variants like custom trees, deciduous trees, outdoor trees, palm trees, pine trees, etc. Arranging on both side of the corporate driveway or pathway will guide the customers and clients to the main entrance. Spaces can also be defined using the artificial trees and plants where people can relax in exclusive privacy. Faux landscaping products can also be used for making a great corporate entrance or revamping a corporate reception area.

Advantages of faux landscaping in relax-zones

When you use the faux landscaping elements in creating a relax-zone in the corporate headquarter, you get the following advantages:

  • Zero maintenance products: The artificial trees and plants do not have any maintenance demand for their survival.
  • Great for outdoors: Made of prime quality raw material with strong structures, these can withstand extreme temperature variation. Being infused with UV blocking products they never fade due to the harsh effect of the sunrays.
  • Available in many varieties: Artificial trees and plants are available in wide varieties making them the most suitable for creating a relax-zone.
  • Free from seasonal worries: Being artificially made, the faux landscaping elements are not seasoned specifically. They embellish the space equally in all seasons.
  • Customization is possible: The faux landscaping items can be tailor-made to suit any specific requirement of the relax-zone.
  • Create a safe environment: Unlike the real plants, the artificial trees and plants do not attract any insects. Your employees are, therefore, free from insect attacks.


Regardless of the size, the corporate houses need to have a relax-zone for boosting up the employees. Faux landscaping can deliver the most effective relax-zone ensuring business growth.

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