Cold and Flu Season is Here! Get These Doctor Approved Home Remedies

Written By: Chris Labbate

There is this funny thing that happens around fall and the flu season. Sometimes even if your family gets sick, some of the so called grown-ups can start to behave a little less civilized and through well, through tantrums when ill. We put together this article and Infographic to get them on their feet fast with some Doctor approved home remedies.

If you are a wife and a mother, you can certainly relate. Being home and having to take care of one your kids or husband suffering from a cold or flu isn’t easy.

If they all happen to come down with it at the same time (lucky you) they are all, going to be craving for an equal amount of your attention and care. Calls of, “Mom” can be heard around the house, let alone all the medicines to make them feel better.

But is over the counter drugs the best way to go? What is the best way to comfort your family and get them the care and attention they deserve? Have we forgotten how to heal ourselves naturally?

10 Powerful Doctor Approved Flu Remedies To Help Loved Ones


Try these Doctor Approved Home Remedies for Flu and don’t let the situation take a toll on you.

Trust me, all they need is a little compassion, understanding, and warmth from you coupled with a few of these natural remedies and they will be feeling great in no time! All of these methods have been handpicked and Doctor approved so you can feel like your own natural MD.

Transform their feelings into a good mood fast with a few of these home based remedies and you can feel safe about using any of them because they are both natural and well sourced from Doctors approving their healing benefits.

You can also try having some light-hearted talk with your hubby when he is enjoying a bowl of freshly prepared hot chicken soup. It’s these times which your family will remember you the most! Help him relax and share in his feelings while giving his feet a warm massage.

Children certainly feel more vulnerable and irritable, when sick, and demand even more attention than others. Lift up their spirits by treating them with a board game as it is a great way to get them to sit up and run some vapour steam in the room to run out that cold.

The hardest part during all this is to watch your kids feeling low and dull. We know how you feel! Just try and spend a little time with them, try a short or funny short story to them to bring back their giggles!

Sometimes if the Flu is bad it confines your loved ones inside their room. Taking a break from the stale atmosphere greatly improves their mood. If you are successful at getting them out of bed and up and moving, this is a perfect time to clean up the Kleenex, tidy up a little and invite in some fresh air with an open window.

If it’s a nice sunny day out, suggest them to come out and get some air as well in the bright sunshine (vitamin D) and take in some nature sights. Sunlight alleviates the infections and unblocks the respiratory tracts and nature always improves mood.

Grabbing them a cup of their favourite herbal tea with a cinnamon stick in it would be a comforting surprise. The tasty tea has healing properties and is enjoyable by anyone suffering from a sore throat or cold.

Help your sweetie wrap up in a warm blanket and ensure they stay hydrated. While there are tons of remedies and over the counter medications available, nothing can replace water. Take care to keep them hydrated enough with water and or other favourite fluids.

Above all, remember love is the best medicine! So, love them more when they are sick and need it the most and when it’s your turn enjoy the same kind of pampering.

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