Welcome To The Threenager Stage

Today (August 1st) is a special day in our household as we celebrate our daughter, Nikki’s third birthday. It’s all about celebrating her and how special she is to us. It is also a great day to celebrate us as parents as we have had another year of parenting.

This past year we have seen our daughter bloom into her own personality and see her language skills explode with delight. It is amazing how much one can grow in a year and we have loved every minute of it. I think our favorite part of her growing up has been her ability to communicate with us and I do love her why and what questions on absolutely everything that we encounter on a daily basis. Why do I enjoy it? It makes things exciting and better yet, it gets me to question what, why and where myself. It almost brings the child in me to embrace curiosity again. Of course, it has also been the year of the terrible twos and one filled with changes such as our big move from our condo space to a home of our own.

There have been a lot of ups and downs through year two but we wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Now we are entering year three and I have been told to be prepared for theĀ “Threenager” stage.

So what is the Threenager stage? The Threenager is that age when your three-year-old continually acts like they are going on 13. They have an attitude for miles, a stubborn streak, and want what they want and when they want it. It really does sounds like a teenager but in mini form.

I feel that I have seen sprinkles of some these traits already and am curious as to what else would be in store for us this year. All we can do as parents is help guide her along the way and embrace the parenting journey with our ball of energy that we call, Nikki.

To our daughter Nikki, Happy 3rd Birthday! We wish you the sweetest birthday filled with lots of love to make you feel as special as you are to all of us. You light up everyone’s heart with your contagious smile and your kind nature. We love your spunky personality and independence which will help you grow into a strong person. Always believe in yourself even if you feel it is impossible. And know that momma and dada will always be here and support you in all your endeavours.

Looking forward in seeing what year three will bring us all and see how much more my daughter will blossom.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

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