6 Tips On How To Balance Work and Life

By: Christopher Toste

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These days, work-life balance can seem like an impossible goal to achieve and with technology making workers more accessible around the clock, it makes it even more difficult. So how do you achieve some balance?

There is no single right way to attain a balanced life as it is a personal decision how one combines their career, spouse/significant other, children, friends and self into an integrated whole. The key is to develop creative solutions that can help you balance the responsibilities and joys of your multiple roles in life.

Here are some of my tips that I use to help me achieve work-life balance.

Build a Support Network
When there is a mutual understanding of the demands of work but the ability to always make time for one another is very important to have in your network. Therefore build a great support network with family and friends.

Build downtime into your schedule & Get Organized
When you plan your week, make it a point to schedule time with your family and friends, and activities that help you recharge. Set priorities, work smarter not harder, and delegate. By planning out activities can help balance out your work and personal responsibilities. It can also help keep you organized.
If a date night with your significant other or a softball game with friends is on your calendar, you’ll have something to look forward to and an extra incentive to manage your time well so you don’t have to cancel.

Remember that a little relaxation goes a long way
Even during a hectic day, you can take 10 or 15 minutes to do something that will recharge your batteries. For example, take a bath, read a novel, go for a walk, or listen to music. You have to make a little time for the things that ignite your joy.


Establish Limits and Boundaries
Boundaries and limits define how you take charge of your time and space. Without limits it can be difficult to say “no.” Remind yourself often that your boundaries are necessary for balancing work and life.

Enjoy Quality Family Time
Remember to enjoy quality family time when you can as there are no real work emergencies unless you work serving the community. Cherish each moment spent together and build a strong relationship with your significant other and with your children as they can be instrumental to your success.

Vacation or Staycation
It is important to take a vacation or staycation as it can help you recharge and relax from the hustle and bustle of work. If you can’t get away then plan some activities that you can do in and around your own city. Just having an escape from the daily work routine will make a difference in the way you feel.


These are some tips that I use to help me but remember everyone balances their life differently. One of my mentors gave me a great advice that I would like to pass onto all of you. “To have a truly balanced life, you must have goals for the following: financial, spiritual, physical and relational. These goals must tie in all aspects into your life.” Find what works for you and before you know it, you can achieve balance!

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