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5 Tips to Survive a Wedding Event with a Toddler

A beautiful envelope has arrived at your home addressed to the family and as you open it, you realize it’s a wedding invitation. Now as parents of a toddler, you may have mixed feelings about the invite. Reason being is that you are not sure whether you would like to bring your toddler with you or not and that is ok to feel like that!

We were recently in this situation and we thought about it really hard before we responded to the invite. We made the decision to bring our energetic two year old daughter with us and experience a wedding event toddler style.

Naturally as a mom blogger, I started to Google to see if I could get any tips from other parents; however, my search had me more terrified than comforted on our decision. So that meant the challenge was on for Momma Braga to provide some helpful survival tips to other parents.

Please note that if you decide to find a sitter and use the night as a date night then that is great too! Do what works for you and your family and there is no shame in wanting a nice evening out with just your partner. 😉

Tip # 1 Making Decisions 

It is important to first discuss with your partner on what you will exactly be participating in for the event. For example, there might be the ceremony, followed by the reception. My recommendation is to pick one as doing both can be extremely tiring and overwhelming for a toddler. We only did the reception portion of the event and it helped us manage the day smoothly.


Tip # 2 Start the Toddler Conversation

Communication is key. We started to talk to our daughter about the event and explained to her the different parts of the reception. We emphasized on the parts we knew she would like such as the dancing part of the event. We would repeat these conversations in order for her to remember when the big day arrived.

Tip # 3 Plan and Strategize

Sometimes it can be difficult to plan every single detail especially when toddlers are unpredictable at times. However, if you have a base plan and strategizes (around how to deal with tantrums for example) in place, it will help you a lot in the long run.

An important detail that many forget to do is to ask if there is a meal option for children at the reception and if your toddler is in diapers, it is great to check if the hall has a change station available. If you know the bride and groom well, you can ask them directly but if you don’t then you can call the reception hall. I called them directly and kindly asked. They were not surprised with my request and were kind enough to respond to my inquiries. Knowing these answers helped me plan for the day to make sure I had everything that I needed.

The rest of your planning will be around what your family normally does to prep for an outing out. For us, we planned our timing for the day such as the time we were leaving the house and from the event. We planned around her naptime this way she could be well rested before we arrived.

We also packed a bag for our daughter with extra clothes, PJs for the end of the night, snacks, toys, activities and anything else that we knew we would need.


Tip #4 Distractions

This tip was key to a successful evening. Toddlers get distracted easily and even though at times this can be hard to cope with but at an event, you can use it to your advantage. Every time our daughter was getting frustrated with all the waiting, I would distract her with her books, coloring and some of the little toys we brought for her to play. This of course worked for some time and when she was bored of one activity, we moved onto the next.


My favorite distraction from the wedding was being able to tell her that the bride was a princess and we had to wait for her. Since our daughter loves princesses, it worked like a charm and she was completely in love with the fact that a princess was there. Technically, a bride is a princess so there is no stretching the truth here. 😉 This tactic also worked in diffusing any tantrums that started to brew.

Tip #5 Have Fun!

Above all, just have family fun! It is so important to enjoy the event to the fullest. Enjoy the food and the party afterwards. If your toddler is anything like mine, then you will be dancing the night away. So my mom tip is to try and wear comfy shoes as I learned my lesson!

Also alternate parent duties with your partner and if you have family that can help out then share the toddler supervision. My husband and I took turns and we were fortunate to have my in-laws with us who loved the dancing time with their granddaughter. It’s all about having fun for everyone. Don’t forget to take lots of photos and video to capture all your special memories!


These tips helped us survive our wedding event and to this day, our daughter still talks about dancing with grandma. We are extremely happy that we decided to take our daughter with us and it wasn’t perfect but nothing is. We are just grateful to have been able to experience our first family wedding event, toddler style.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

–       Momma Braga



Creating Cake Masterpieces Until There Are no Krumbz Left

This month’s “Mom of the Month” is a wife and mother of two children who keep her on her toes every moment of every day. This mom comes from a long line of creative geniuses both in the artistic and culinary fields. So it was only natural for her to follow in her parents footsteps.

This mom incorporated her love for art and creativity into a delicious way to express herself in ways that make people happy. Everything she has learned about cake decorating has been self-taught through books and lots of trial and errors which have moulded her into the cake designer that she is today. Her work has not gone unnoticed as she has earned many cake decorating awards along the years and has been acknowledged by other professionals in her field.


It is a pleasure to introduce Maria of Cake Krumbz as our Mom of the Month.

I had a chance to connect with Maria to learn more about her and her delicious company for this special feature.

1. What does your company do?

“My company specializes in custom cake designs for any occasion, from weddings to birthday cakes and everything in between.”
2. When did you start your business?

“I started my business roughly about 19 years ago. My first taste of cake decorating was when I modelled a cake topper for my nephew’s first birthday, from that day on I was hooked and I haven’t looked back since.

My sister was a professionally trained cake decorator and needed my help from time to time. That turned into a business partnership between me, her and my mom who brought her many years of culinary experience into the mix. After many years, my mom retired and my sister went her separate way and I carried on with the business.”

3. How did you come up with the idea?

“Ideas for cakes could come from anywhere, it could be a colour, shape or even a certain fabric pattern, which makes ideas truly endless. My inspiration comes from talking to my clients and getting to know a bit about their personalities. I always like to incorporate a bit of “them” into each piece that I create. I think that is the key ingredient to taking an ordinary cake and turning it into something special and meaningful.”

4. How did you come up with the business name?

“My business name came to me after my family had made a comment that every time I made a cake for a family gathering the one thing that was left were the crumbs! And that’s when the birth of Cake Krumbz happened.”

5. What do you hope each creation you make accomplishes?

“My creations not only allow me to be part of the good memories that my clients will have but also my cakes makes the occasion extra special for them, which makes what I do all worth it!”

6. Where would you like to see your business in 5 years?

“In 5 years, I wish to be teaching full-time. I would like to be able to teach fellow mommies who love to be creative for their kids but don’t quite know how to do it. I have taught fellow cake decorators before and I absolutely fell in love with it. I think being able to get people who really don’t have the experience and showing them what they are capable of doing with their hands and ideas, and seeing their faces light up when they see what they have created is an amazing feeling.”


7. As a busy working mom, how do you find the time to balance it all?

“I am not going to lie, some days I rise very early and go to bed very late, sometimes I don’t even get to go to bed…..It’s not glamorous but it’s the only way to manage all that needs to be done in a day. Having a good schedule and good time management set up for both home and business is key not to go crazy, although most days things don’t ever go the way you plan but I always manage to get things done.

When I have a crazy week with orders, I am very thankful that my husband steps in and takes on a bit more to help me with meals and the kids. And sometimes he even helps me with my orders which is a bonus when you feel totally overwhelmed. Having a great partner is absolutely a bonus!”
8. If people are interested in ordering from you, what is the process?

“If you have an idea that you would like to bring to life in cake form, you can simply contact me through email or Facebook. The process is fairly simple, I discuss what ideas the client might have such as design, colours, flavours and budget. Then moving forward to booking the order, a deposit is made to save your date and I handle the rest.”

You can follow Maria and all her amazing creations on social media.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cakekrumbz
Instagram: @cakekrumbzdesigns


I have the pleasure to order from Maria and she is a pleasure to deal with from beginning to end. She truly does listen to everything that you want and offers creative designs to pick from to ensure that you stay on budget which I love! I highly recommend her for your special event sweet needs.

Maria is a talented, creative person who goes beyond to ensure that all her clients are happy with the masterpieces that she creates for their special event. She is an inspiring person who doesn’t forget that she is a great mom but also a woman with dreams.


“When we become mothers we tend to make the mistake to always put others first, house, kids and husband. I did that for many, many years until both my kids were going to school full time. Then I finally decided that it was time to remember who I was and what I was passionate about before I had kids. Not only do I feel better about myself but I can see the difference in the way I design things for other people. For all of you mommies out there, it is possible to follow your passion and be a mom too. It takes a lot of sacrifices but at the end it is all worth it,” says Maria.

That is beautifully said Maria and thank you for your time! You are such an inspiration and I am thrilled to have you as our “Mom of the Month.”

Until next time…..Happy Parenting!

–          Momma Braga