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5 Fun Activities For A Rainy Day

By: Karen Silva
Twitter: @Karenbabydoll22

Some parents cringe when it starts to rain as they worry about their children having meltdowns from being indoors all day or at the thought of them getting messy in rain puddles. But really there is no need to fear if you can make it a fun day for them and for yourself.

Here are my top five favorite activities to do using simple recycled material that is perfect for a rainy day.

*Please use your best judgment on which tasks you may need to assist your child with*

Talent Show

What you will need: Empty tissue box, paper towel roll, elastic bands, tape, straws, caps from jars, popsicle sticks, rice and decorative materials (for example: markers, paint or stickers).

Throwing a talent show will not only keep your kids busy for a long time but it will get them to show off their talents. You can make fun instruments and more using recycled items if they want to show off their musical skills.

To make a guitar, glue the paper towel roll onto the side of a tissue box. Then stretch out the elastic bands over the opening and tape it into place. To make a flute, get a bunch of straws and cut them from smallest to largest; then tape it all together. To make a mini guitar, first wrap the elastic bands over the cap, then glue the popsicle stick to the cap of the jar. Finally, to make the shaker, cover one side of the paper towel roll with paper and tape, then fill it with rice and cover the other side. Don’t forget to decorate your instruments, then its lights, camera… Action!


What you will need: Ten empty water bottles, a ball, paper and decorative material (for example: markers, paint or stickers).

First decorate all ten empty water bottles. If you do not have a ball you can always use a yarn ball or make one with crimpled up paper wrapped in tape. If you want to make this game a little more challenging you can add some water into the bottles to weigh it down.

*Fun tip: You can paint the empty bottles with glow in the dark paint. Then all you need is a black light and you have your very own glow in the dark bowlerama.*

Painting like a Pro

What you will need: A few water bottle caps, a large container cap and hot glue.

First, cut a hole in the large container cap, large enough to fit your child’s thumb. Then once that is done, hot glue the water bottle caps to the large container cap. Fill the caps with different colors of paint and then they will have their very own paint palette.

Sink or Float

What you will need: Half of a soda bottle and decorative materials (for example: markers, paint or stickers).

First, cut the soda bottle in half and tape the top so it isn’t sharp to the touch. Then decorate it as your boat. Then together think of some items that you want to put in it to see if they’re going to sink the boat or if it will float. You can write these items onto a piece of paper to record your results. Example of items you can use for this game is an eraser, paper clip, a bag, rice, marbles, stones, etc.

Octopus, Bubble bees and Butterflies? Oh My!

What you will need: Toilet paper rolls, googly eyes and decorative materials (for example: markers, paint or stickers).

Making little characters out of toilet paper rolls is not only fun but a great way to decorate your bathroom. To make the bumblebee have your child paint the toilet paper roll with yellow paint. Once that is dried, they can paint on the black strips. Finally cut out the details with construction paper to add on and glue on your eyes. To make the Octopus, first paint the toilet paper roll and then set it aside to dry. Then with scissors cut slits on one end of the toilet paper roll and bend them to make the legs. Then decorate it together and don’t forget to glue the eyes.

Even though it may be gloomy and rainy out doesn’t mean that your home has to be. Creating fun art activities and games to play around the house will keep your kids happy and entertained. If you decide to do any of these ideas or others on a rainy day, I would love to see them. You can tag me on Twitter @Karenbabydoll22.


About the Author

Karen Braga graduated from Sheridan College with an Early Childhood Education Diploma. She worked with children for about five years before expanding her skills in Administration. Karen is a loving Godmother/Auntie to one. Combined with her ECE background and passion for DIY projects and baking, she has recently become an expert writer for mom blogger, Momma Braga. Karen hopes by sharing her knowledge, tips and tricks, she can bring families together through her creative ideas.


The Easter Craft Fiasco

There is nothing like a homemade gift made by a child as these gifts carry a sentimental value and they can be very fun to make.

Since Nikki is only 19 months old, I had to research to see which activity would be age appropriate and what she could12674688_912473925517070_96104385_n have fun with. I was thrilled to find an adorable craft that was a carrot made from the child’s footprint. For this craft I required paint and I decided to make my own paint which would be safe and very inexpensive to make. Here is how I made it.

Materials Used
Food Colouring

Take 1/2 cup of flour and put it into a bowl
Take 1/2 cup of salt and mix it with the flour
Once all mixed, add 1/3 cup of water
Mix all the ingredients until it’s smooth

In a separate small bowl, mix red and yellow food colouring until it turns orange.
Pour the mixture into a Ziploc bag and then add the orange food colouring.
Seal the bag and squeeze to mix the colour into the mixture.
Once colour is all blended, then place the paint in a tray for easy foot dipping.


I was getting very excited at this point as I made homemade paint (never thought I could really do it). I set up an area in the living room for our painting session. Went to Nikki and told her it was time for some painting fun. I rolled up her pants and took off her socks. Showed her the paint and explained what we were going to do. She appeared to be excited but I was wrong…..SO wrong!

After dipping Nikki’s feet into the paint, she lifted her feet in disgust and started to cry. Now I had a crying toddler with orange feet and panic started to set in my heart. So I took Nikki to the bathroom to wash her feet which stopped the crying. Dried off her feet and took her back to the painting area which then resulted in more tears with the sight of paint. As I tried comforting her with a hug, she refused it. At this point, I knew she no longer trusted me as I was the one that dipped her foot in the paint (I can see her point!).

To turn around this “epic craft failure” session, I decided to show her how fun it could be. So I tried showing her with my own hand and foot art. Nikki enjoyed seeing me do it and asked for me to do it again but to myself. I tried to see if she would do it now and I got more tears. Therefore, I knew that this craft was not in the cards for us today.


An amazing friend of mine suggested tracing her foot with crayon instead and I thought that was a great idea. But first, I had to clean the mess that I made. Once everything was cleaned, I tried approaching Nikki to trace her foot but of course Nikki refused to give me her foot and wouldn’t even let me put her socks back on. Nikki just needed some space and I gave her just that.

As soon as she was ready, she came to mama for some TLC. I showed Nikki the paper and crayon which this time got her really excited. So I asked her to put her foot on the paper and showed her the crayon. Success! Got her foot traced!

So we changed the craft a bit and here is our final product. We hope Nikki’s great grandparents enjoy it as it was a tough mission to accomplish.


What I learned from this fiasco, is that with toddlers you always need to improvise and never expect things to go smoothly. Allow them their space and offer alternatives. Things will get done but it may not be your way. After being originally bummed out, I remember that at the end of the day, it was made by my child. That counts for everything!

Happy Easter crafting!

– Momma Braga