My Little Lovebug and Love Notes Make The Perfect Gift

I See Me has become one of our favorites for personalized books as they always go beyond with the extra little touches to make someone feel special. This is why we were very excited to hear about a new release and just in time for Valentine’s Day! 😉

My Little Lovebug is a photo-personalized storybook featuring your loved ones’ photos and names. Every page is beautifully illustrated with a cute and cheeky saying, with illustrated text by Jeanine Murch.

We were fortunate to receive the hardcopy version of the book along with the adorable love notes.

We couldn’t wait to add this book to our reading line up and that same night that we received the book, we were reading it. Each page was beautifully designed with different animal characters with our faces (I have to admit that I look adorable as a lady bug and I need to add that my husband looks handsome as a bumble bee!). 😉

The word play in the book is brilliant! They use words relating to the character on each page into a positive and empowering word for the child. We just loved that! The creativity is remarkable as I don’t know how they come up with it all.

The book was very engaging and we enjoyed it from the beginning to end. The love notes that came with the book are illustrated as beautifully as the book and are great keepsakes. I will be sneaking them in my daughter’s bag when she isn’t looking as a way to remind her how much she is loved by all of us.

So for this #MelandNikkiReview I decided to change things up a little bit as I love to provide unique reviews specialized to each product or book we do (it’s the Momma Braga style). Since my daughter is now three years old and she has a wealth of vocabulary now, I asked her what she thought of it and what would she rate it.

Momma Braga: “Nikki did you like the book, Our Little Lovebug Nikki?”
Nikki: “I love the book so much Momma!”
Momma Braga: “What did you love the best about it?”
Nikki: “I love all the animals. They are so nice. I love our faces in them. It was funny!”
Momma Braga: “Do you remember what the book was about?”
Nikki: “Oh yes Momma! Everyone loves Nikki!”
Momma Braga: “Oh yes we do! How many ladybugs out of 5 would you give the book?”
Nikki: “Ten Momma.”

I would have to agree with Nikki on her quick recap of why Our Little LoveBug is so great. It has all the uniqueness magic that I See Me brings to stories and it brings so much love. It beautifully captures what we feel for our children in the most adorable way possible. We highly recommend this book to any parent who wants to tell their Little Lovebug in an unique way on how much they mean to them during storytime. As Nikki mentioned we give this book 10 ladybugs out of 5! 😉

To purchase the gift set which includes the book with the love notes, click here. To purchase the book on its own, click here. To purchase the love notes only, click here.

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Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga


The Skating Journey…Tips For The Non-Skating Parent

Living in Canada, we all have developed a thick skin to deal with the cold winters and we are well known for our love of hockey. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon to have our children learn an important skill, skating.

Now I was born and raised in Canada but this was one skill that I was not encouraged to learn so I never really tried and never felt that I was missing out. Then I met my husband and he was all about ice hockey. He played for fun and I found myself at the arenas cheering him on. I started to feel a little left out at this point so I asked my husband to teach me how to skate. We were still dating at this point so I am figuring he wanted to impress me so he sweetly accepted my request to teach me.

Long story short, skating wasn’t for me as for some odd reason I couldn’t skate and talk at the same time. Therefore, I decided that I wasn’t meant for the ice world but enjoyed watching others skate while I sit with a hot chocolate in my hands.

Even though skating wasn’t for me, I still had interest in having my daughter learn the skill. We waited until our daughter was good and ready to learn so this year was the year to start. My mother-in-law looked into skating lessons at our nearby community centre and enrolled our daughter in class.

We have been going once a week for 30 minutes, the last four weeks. The lessons are quick and since our daughter is under the age of four, she needs to be accompanied by a skating parent so this is where daddy comes to the rescue.

Since I am the non-skating parent who has been watching from the distance, I thought I should provide some tips for parents who want their child to learn skating. These tips will hopefully better prepare you for the journey.

Research and Register

One of the first tips is to look into different programs and classes that are available at your local community centre. Ask all the questions that you need to beforehand to help make it a more successful experience for you and your child. Ask what is needed for the class and any restrictions that you should be aware of. There is a fee in our community so make sure you know what they are in your city.

Be Prepared. Equipment and Safety

Shopping for the appropriate clothing and equipment needed for skating is very important. Your child will need: appropriate skates (lace ups are recommended for beginners), splash pants to wear over the child’s pants, warm jacket, gloves and of course a helmet. You can always ask a personnel at the store to assist you in finding the appropriate skates and helmet that fits your child. Safety is a must!

Lower First Class Expectations

The first class is going to be very hard for your child and it might also be for you as the non-skating parent. My daughter did not do well in her first class. She was frustrated, scared and was unsure of what was going on. There were a few tears along the way from my daughter and from myself. By the end of the class, my daughter expressed how much she didn’t like skating and she didn’t want to try again. This of course broke my heart as I think we all expected the best experience of her life and we didn’t prepare her well enough for the possible disappointment of how difficult it would be.

Lower your expectations and don’t put added pressure on your child before their first class. Discuss with them how it will be hard at first and there will be some falls along the way. However, with some practice and patience it will get better. This discussion helped us convince her to try again the next week.

Provide Encouragement and Support

It is important to encourage and support your child on the sidelines. They will find you as they are learning to skate. Try to establish eye contact with them as soon as you can. Smile and give a thumbs up to encourage how well they are doing. It is remarkable to see  your child’s face light up when they see you and how proud you look to see them getting better.

It is also important to mention that if your child is not enjoying the activity at all then it may not be for them. Know that it is perfectly ok and a child should not be forced to do something that they do not like doing. If it becomes forceful than it will not be enjoyable for anyone.

Prepare for Skating Tiredness

Skating is hard work and it involves a lot of balancing (from what I can see at a distance) so it is no surprise that your child can become very tired from it. Therefore, it is important to be aware and prepared for it. Unfortunately, our class is in the middle of the day which can be challenging at times as we find that our daughter gets exhausted but a nap is not ideal since it is late in the day (it would spoil bedtime).

Tip would be to try to book a class that would fit into your child’s routine or if you can’t then try to maybe schedule a quick nap before the lesson. Worse case scenario is that you will have a cranky preschooler for the rest of the day until bedtime but try to make the best out of it. What I try to remember is that proud smiling face looking at me on how she is learning to skate. 🙂

Enjoy the Skating Journey

Skating is definitely a journey as there are ups and downs while your child learns this special skill. But my tip is to enjoy every minute of it, even if it is on the sidelines.

As soon as your child starts to skate on their own (even for a little bit), its that special moment that your heart had been waiting for. The utter proudness in their face when they realize that they are doing it all by themselves, is what special memories are made of. We recently felt that when our daughter started skating on her own and after class said, “I did it! I am awesome!”

These are my top quick tips on the skating experience from a non-skating parent. Even though I don’t know how to skate or understand the steps in learning. I am there on the sidelines cheering and supporting my daughter along the way. I am also cheering for my husband who is there by her side to help her on the ice.

I get to capture the moments on video and photos which I can then show my daughter on how well she did. It is a great opportunity for her to see her improvements and in her words how awesome she is. 😉

Our skating journey has become a family experience as we watch a little girl bond with her dad on something that he has loved since he was a child. In turn, we watch his parents (the little girl’s grandparents) hearts fill with joy as they see their once little boy as a man teaching his daughter how to skate. That is the memory that I will hold onto forever and makes sitting at the sidelines all worth it.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga


When I Experienced Mom Competition…. As A Child

By: Grace Cross

When I see Moms trying to up one another, I cringe, grab my kid off of the playground and run back to sanity. Mom competition reminds me of elementary school and I really don’t feel the person to bring another human being down, in order to make myself feel better. I understand why Moms do this to one another, but it is a pretty shameful act for many reasons.

We read blog posts about Mom competition all of the time. The calls for action to make it stop, the way it makes people feel, that they are not good enough or that they have to try harder. It reaps of sadness and self-esteem, it quite frankly makes me wonder if people give a damn about one another anymore. They do. I know they do. I may be a hopeless romantic for human kind. But we are making a mistake here Moms with Mom competition.

Let me tell you what I am not. I am not a psychologist and I am not a relationship expert. I am just a regular person who has seen this happen for years. This is what I see.

I want to paint a different picture for you, Mom competition in the eyes of a child. I am as bewildered at ten years old as I am today.

My Mother was not a competitive Mom. She always told us to try our best and she was encouraging. When we did not do well on a test, she would help us where we were struggling. It was not a “participation award” situation in my family. We were praised when we did well and where we struggled, we were helped so we understood. If we needed to be pushed to do well, we were, but we were nurtured in our talents and the hobbies that made us feel good. However, My Mother, moving from a different part of the country with a different culture, coming from a big city where everyone was just too busy to focus solely on other families, was quite surprised with the cattiness of other Moms.

My Mom wanted to make friends in this new town she was living in, so she joined the parent teacher association, she volunteered around town with charities and she volunteered in our school. That way, she believed, she could meet people her age and establish her tribe. My words, not hers.

She learned pretty quickly that this small town I grew up in, with all of its wonderful traits, had a few vices and the biggest of all was Mom competition.

My Mom was a fierce believer in individual privacy. If you got a good grade, she would not brag amongst groups that her child got that coveted A. In retrospect, if my siblings or I did not do so well, she would not let them know either. Her answer was always the same, “they did good” and she left it at that. She also did not ask how your child was doing.

My family comes from a culture where what you did for a living did not matter. My parents had great jobs, but they did not want to judge an individual on their occupation. We want to get to know the person. So, my Mom was interested in if her newfound friend’s children had a great soccer game or if they entered that writing competition because they were good writers, or if they checked out that new park or playground nearby. Conversations can go above the competitive nature and just get to know the person as an individual rather than their accomplishments or lack thereof. We are not defined on what others define us, but what we define the world to be, according to us.

These Moms would get frustrated when my Mom would protect our grades. One mom decided to go further and after school while playing on the playground and my mom was helping my infant sibling, a Mother decided to get the scoop on the latest math test. “What did you get?” She asked.

”A B”. I answered slowly. You have to respect your elders, right?

“A B?” She replies, “I thought you were good at math.” I was nine.

A B is good for me in mathematics. I try hard with math and I had to always study. It did not come natural to me as English did. A B was good. It also seemed to satisfy this Mother.

I did not tell my Mom.

The Mother of a friend continued to ask about my grades. I studied hard and told her. Dissatisfied that I was scoring higher than her child, she began comparing me to her older child, who had completed the grade a few years before.

“Eleanora scored I think 5 % higher than you. I will have to go and check her binder.” Yes, this Mother of my friend, a mother of three kept a binder of her children’s grades so she could refer to them when others were asking. She was quite proud of this and probably would be proud to tell you she kept the binder for reference for other parents to this day.

This grade asking went on until I was about fourteen. I did eventually tell my Mom who really let this other Mother have it.

It may take a community to raise a child but a child’s grades for comparison is just crossing a line.

I know now that this woman has a low self-esteem and needed to compare myself to her children to feel worthy. But if she opened her eyes, she would realize her children had big hearts, a lot of talent and she had so much to be proud of. When I got a grade higher than her child, she was visibly distressed and angry. That’s not right!

I would ask parents to look within themselves. I would humbly ask them that if they, themselves, feel inferior, to address that concern and take care of themselves. Everyone has their own standard of genius. Some parents are proud if their child learns to communicate. Others are proud their child got into a great University, other parents out there are happy their child is alive. There is nothing wrong with just being happy that your child, lives, breathes, is kind and has good thoughts.

I have gone through school and I have a degree that people are interested in, I see my child asked by adults if she will “go to school and get the same degree as Mommy.” She is under five.

“I just want her to grow up to be kind.” I answer. This is not your journey, competitive Mom, it is not even mine. It is my child’s. Let’s just be happy that she is alive to take a journey. Be humble and be kind. Open your mind, learn from others and be kind fully curious, if that even constitutes a phrase.

And if you still continue to care about a child’s grades and get mad when they succeed, I humbly advise you to kiss my ass.

Bringing Simplicity Back Into Playtime

Smart Simple Toys – PlaSmart Inc

When did toys become so complicated and where did the imagination of play go? I have asked myself this on numerous occasions (more so on birthdays and Christmas) when I see my daughter open all her gifts of toys. With each unwrapping, the toys look more sophisticated and more high-tech. Then I reminisce on the days where I played with the most simple to use toys and they were my very favorite.

Those toys allowed me to imagine, inspire and learn on my own. It was such a simple time. This is why when I was introduced to PlaSmart Inc last year, I was intrigued to what they were offering.

PlaSmart Inc is a global toy distributor specializing in smart, simple, toys and games. PlaSmart began its journey to worldwide success with the introduction of The Original PlasmaCar in 2003 and today its products can be found in more than sixty countries on five continents.

PlaSmart’s innovative and quality products have won numerous and prestigious toy awards. The company focuses on toys that develop motor and dexterity skills, balance, creative and imaginative play, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills and, of course, entertainment.

So what did we try at Momma Braga? We actually won the PlaSmart’s Smart Mat in a Twitter chat last year and we were super excited. Not only because we never win anything but that we were looking for a mat for our daughter’s playtime.

When the Smart Mat arrived and we unwrapped it, our first thought was wow! We have seen many playmats and in all honesty they don’t give you the quality that you need for a young child’s rough play at times. However, the quality of the Smart Mat was really great. You can tell that it is durable and it was a great size mat too!

We opened it up and placed it on the ground and my daughter was so excited to have a place to sit and play on. We couldn’t help but fall in love with the design of the mat which is called Happyville. Not only can you play using the design as your background but you can use the Smart Mat for so many purposes. There is never a limit to a child’s imagination which makes it so fun!

We have had the Smart Mat for almost six months already and it has been amazing for us. It is durable, very easy to clean and easy to store. It is also suitable for kids of all ages! We truly love it and it still looks as great as when we first got it.

So what does PlaSmart’s Smart Mat rate on the Momma Braga meter?

We give it 5+++ Smarts out of 5 for the durability, size, quality and the easy clean up. It truly is one of the best mats I have seen and I have seen many. Smart Mat is very colorful and very appealing to the eye. This is one mat that I don’t think I could ever part with and if you are looking for a great mat to invest for your little one, then don’t look any further than PlaSmart Inc. 

PlaSmart Inc is bringing simplicity and the fun of imagination back into playtime and I commend them for it! Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest to see the latest to inspire young minds.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

– Momma Braga

Slowly Finding The Balance As A Working Mom After A Year

Today marks a year since I have re-entered the workforce and it has been a slow transition in finding the balance between my full-time job, being a mom and being a blogger.

When I shared the news that I was re-entering the workforce, I was filled with array of emotions as I had no idea how I was going to manage and to boot entering a field that I have never been in before; the construction world.

It is an industry that many of my family members are accustomed to as many of them are highly skilled trade workers. But one that I only saw from afar as it wasn’t an interest of mine…Until I became part of it. My job is on the administrative side of the industry but I have been immersed into much more where I am reading blue prints to doing site visits (that is my favorite part!). It is a fascinating world and I am learning so much each and every day.

My days start early and end late but yet there never seems to be enough hours in a day to get everything done on my checklist but then it is carried over to the next day (I love checklists). This has been the routine that I have adapted over the year and one that has helped me balance it all. I am fortunate to have some support around me to help when I am running late from work or have a special Momma Braga assignment to do. I can’t even thank my family enough for helping me care for my daughter when those situations arise.

The year as a working mom has been full of ups, downs and some really ugly moments (we do have our breaking times). But it was a year that has made me grow in abundance as my confidence grew each day as a professional, person and mother. But it was a year that I saw my daughter grow more independently and becoming her own person with her very own sassy personality. 😉

Our family reached milestones through my first working year after a three absence such as our ability to move into a home of our own; learning to let go; adjusting to longer commutes; and adjusting all our routines that best worked for us.

It has been a slow process adjusting our routine from a stay-at-home to working mom as I had one more work scope added to my life job description. I had to make sure that my time was managed well and to ensure that I did not forget the most important job of all and that was to be a mother to my daughter. No matter what I have going on at work or with my blog, my daughter always comes first. This is why weekends are extra special as it is our time together without too much of the hustle and bustle of the work week. We schedule our time with family and friends or we do fun family outings.

So how do I balance it all? I take it a day at a time (even though I sometimes feel that I can do it all in one day, but don’t we all?!). I use checklists to keep track of what is on the go at home, work and with my blog. I have also learned to ask for help when I need backup which is so hard for me to do as I am not one that enjoys asking for help. But it is a skill that is necessary to keep our sanity. I have also learned to better manage my time and try not to over commit myself which is also hard for me to do as I love helping everyone. But I remind myself that no matter how much I wish, I am NOT superwoman and I am ok with that.

I haven’t mastered our routine and am always looking for ways to improve the way we do things in our home. There is no such thing as perfect so our goal is to just make our daily lives pleasant.

Above all, I am truly grateful for all the opportunities that I have been given as a person, professional and as a blogger. It has been a great year and I couldn’t do it without my amazing village of family, friends and fans! Thank you everyone for reading along as you made 2017 the best year yet!

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga


Why Create A Relax- Zone in Your Corporate Headquarters?

Do you know that we spend more than 2000 hours at our workplace in a year? Yes, it is so if we work 8 hours a day and five days in a week; and this exceeds for those who have to work long hours in the office. Although we have to be busy during the working hours, sometimes it becomes quite mundane.

Most of the working people now have to work long hours, and a majority of them stay glued to the desk staring at the computer screen for a maximum period of the working hours. This creates a mental block, and when this persists, people are not able to concentrate fully on their jobs. The only solution to avert such situations is to create a relax-zone, where the employees can take a mental break. Such special areas where people can be less formal or enjoy their refreshments are of paramount importance for any corporate headquarter.

No matter if you are the pride owner of a massive corporate house, or luxury hotels & restaurants, or shopping malls & multiplexes, or exotic bars & casinos, or hospitals & healthcare facilities, there are employees everywhere; and they need to get relief from the continuously mounting stress.

What is a relax-zone?

Any specific space in the corporate setting that is distinctly different from the usual working area and open to the employees and visitors as well can be the place for relaxing or breaking out of the monotony. This is the place, where the employees relax with a cup of coffee or take their lunch and even can have informal meetings. Such places are immensely important in any corporate setting, and these also comply with the safety laws that require the employees to take frequent breaks from the computers.

Why need a relax-zone?

When the employees work continuously for hours together, they feel to be drained out completely. That is why they need some place, where they can relax and return to the desk fully charged.

Having a relax-zone in the commercial setting, you are sure of

  • More job satisfaction: When the employees are happy with the office culture & ambiance, they feel content about their job. A relax-zone helps them strike a balance between their work and breaking out time. Being satisfied, they turn more loyal to the organization and always do their work in the best possible manner.
  • Increased efficiency: Satisfied employees are always charged with positive vibes. As they have a chance to meet others informally, it helps them to improve themselves, and they become more efficient.
  • Improved productivity: Breaks take people out of stress and also help them to think clearly. When this happens, they become more productive.
  • Improved employee morale: When employee’s requirements are met, their morale shoots up naturally, and they become motivated to achieve the common goal.

Additionally, when a relax-zone is introduced into any corporate setting, it removes the frustration arising out of aggressive goals that are common to corporate business. A relax-zone also reduces employee absenteeism, as the employees start loving their workplace. It further reduces the stress-related health issues and cuts down the overall healthcare costs.

Designing a relax-zone

Designing a relax-zone is not that easy and cannot be done overnight. It needs creative planning for transforming part of a corporate space into a relaxing zone. It need not be very extravagant or spacious. The only thing required is to make the place relaxing and inspirational. You can include some furniture or playing arrangement, but the best thoughtful choice is to include something green in the corporate space.

Several studies conducted strongly indicate that humans have some psychological affinity over the natural elements. They become more positive when they are near to nature. However, introducing live plants in any corporate headquarter has many pitfalls. They need regular care to keep them healthy. As they continuously grow, you need to do trimming and pruning to keep them in shape, and they have a definite life cycle. With artificial trees and plants, you do not have such problems. These are made 100% botanically correct and can withstand varying weather conditions. Once installed in the corporate house, they start adorning the place from the day one.

You can use the artificial trees and plants for creating an eye-catching green boundary for the corporate setting. These have many variants like custom trees, deciduous trees, outdoor trees, palm trees, pine trees, etc. Arranging on both side of the corporate driveway or pathway will guide the customers and clients to the main entrance. Spaces can also be defined using the artificial trees and plants where people can relax in exclusive privacy. Faux landscaping products can also be used for making a great corporate entrance or revamping a corporate reception area.

Advantages of faux landscaping in relax-zones

When you use the faux landscaping elements in creating a relax-zone in the corporate headquarter, you get the following advantages:

  • Zero maintenance products: The artificial trees and plants do not have any maintenance demand for their survival.
  • Great for outdoors: Made of prime quality raw material with strong structures, these can withstand extreme temperature variation. Being infused with UV blocking products they never fade due to the harsh effect of the sunrays.
  • Available in many varieties: Artificial trees and plants are available in wide varieties making them the most suitable for creating a relax-zone.
  • Free from seasonal worries: Being artificially made, the faux landscaping elements are not seasoned specifically. They embellish the space equally in all seasons.
  • Customization is possible: The faux landscaping items can be tailor-made to suit any specific requirement of the relax-zone.
  • Create a safe environment: Unlike the real plants, the artificial trees and plants do not attract any insects. Your employees are, therefore, free from insect attacks.


Regardless of the size, the corporate houses need to have a relax-zone for boosting up the employees. Faux landscaping can deliver the most effective relax-zone ensuring business growth.

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4 Tips on How To Turn Tears Into Cheers In Swimming

One of my fears when my daughter was enrolled in swimming was the tears that may come with her learning. Luckily, we did not have any tears from her but from me instead.

Besides my inability to let go when I should, I have seen many children cry before their swim class and even during it. So I went to the experts at Aqua-Tots Swim School to see if they can offer tips to help parents in this type of situation.

I want to first state that crying when learning how to swim is very common and normal. So don’t feel like there is something wrong. When you have a great school like Aqua-Tots Swim School to help you along the way, in the end you both will feel much better.

There are some common reasons as to why children cry. Here are the four most common ones:

  1. It’s New – Swimming lessons are a new experience. There are new sights, sounds, textures, smells, faces, and interactions in the pool environment.
  2. Age – With time, your child will gain control over their emotions and learn to enjoy the water.
  3. Fear or Anger – Some children are genuinely fearful of the water and it takes time to help them overcome their fear. Other children can become angry and use tears to control the situation.
  4. Separation Anxiety – Your child may experience separation anxiety and feel anxious when away from familiar people and places.

Hearing your child cry is always hard (I know it is for me) and there are ways to help them when it comes to swimming lessons. Here are four tips to help.

  1. Be Positive and Keep Your Eyes on The Goal – As a parent, you can encourage your child with compliments and praise on what they do well in each lesson.
  2. Keep Cool – Being calm helps your child settle down faster.
  3. Practice At Home – Make it fun! Use the tub, shower, and pool to practice swimming skills (i.e. holding breath, water submersions, etc.)
  4. Be Consistent – Skipping or discounting swim lessons inhibits swimming progressions and will extend the time it takes to learn how to swim safely.

The layout at Aqua-Tots is great to help the child gain trust of the instructor as the parents can view the lesson through the viewing gallery which allows them to interact with their child. This way your child is aware that you are near and rooting for them. This space allows the instructor and the child build trust and a bond will form.

This is one of the many reasons why Aqua-Tots is amazing as they are there for you every step of the way. Their instructors care about your child and they are trained to:

  1. Identify the reason your child is crying so they can best alleviate the tears.
  2. Build trusting relationships with your child.
  3. Offer consistent routines and terminology in every lesson.
  4. Help your child build trust in the water.

Water is an adaptive environment and it takes time to adjust. The more frequently your child comes to lessons, the faster the crying will subside. The general rule of thumb is:

  • 3+ lessons per week – crying subsides after 3-4 lessons
  • 2 lessons per week – crying subsides after 5-6 lessons
  • 1 lesson per week – crying subsides after 7-8 lessons

With these tips and with the guidance of the swimming school, you will be at tears to cheers in no time. Just remember that at Aqua-Tots Swim School they never leave your side to ensure that everyone is happy.

If you are interested in swim lessons, give Aqua-Tots Swim School a call at 905-848-2782. Also make sure to follow them on Facebook to see what’s new.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

–          Momma Braga


This article is brought to you in partnership with Aqua-Tots Swim School, Mississauga.