Nagi Levels Up The Health Snack Industry

Nagi sets the stage to have you start the New Year right with a healthy snack option for the entire family!
– Momma Braga

We have all been there, rushing out the door and quickly throwing in a snack to go. However, our healthy options can be limited as many times taste is compromised in order to be healthy. That is until…Nagi levelled up the healthy snack industry and provided people with a better option.

About Nagi

Nagi offers a selection of organic high protein energy snacks. Made in Canada, these protein snacks are raw, certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, as well as gluten, soy and dairy-free.

Nagi produces delicious, nutritionally balanced and organic treats for the whole family. With only the best ingredients used that are full of flavor, protein and gluten-free, you get the energy needed to conquer your day.

In case you were wondering what does Nagi mean, as I know I was wondering! The founder, Justyna, of Nagi has brought in her Polish roots into the company (which I love the culture aspect). Nagi means “naked” in Polish. The purpose of choosing this name for the brand is to show that they are transparent in what they sell; a healthy snack option for everyone.


Nagi’s mission is to keep it simple and promise one thing – healthy snacking doesn’t have to be complicated! That is why all of Nagi’s ingredients are organic, raw and GMO-free, so you know that what you are eating is 100% healthy and delicious.


We are always excited to be introduced to amazing brands that promote healthy living. This has been especially important to me after my Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease that I was able to reverse. However, the chances of it coming back is always a possibility and I have to keep reminding myself of the importance of eating well.

This is why I was excited to learn about Nagi and read up on the ingredients they use in their snacks. To my surprise, I could read the label and understand what I was going to eat. Many times we don’t have the time to read everything before purchasing as a busy parent. We are looking for something quick, affordable and filling.

Nagi’s Makaroons Energy Bites offered all that and convenience!

Energy Bites

We got to try the Vanilla Almond and Chocolate Almond flavors and they were DELICIOUS! I have tried many snacks but these ones were the healthiest and it didn’t compromise on taste. Absolutely loved that!

Energy Bites mean that there are two pieces in each package and if you are my husband you can literally eat one in one bite. I however, like to savor what I am eating so it takes me a  few more bites. 😉 They are very filling so I learned not to have one right before lunch. The Energy Bites are ideal as an in-between snack, on the go, after a workout or even a walk with your dog.

“These amazing protein snacks, give the energy my hoomans need to give me that extra walk that I need. It is a win-win for everyone!” – Tyson, French Bulldog *not for pet consumption

They came in handy for me as it gave me the energy I needed to conquer my busy day! Sometimes I don’t even have the time to grab something healthy to eat that can give me that extra boost that I need. Humans are not like a Facebook Ad that can easily be boosted with a sponsored post. We need to invest and boost ourselves with healthier snacks.

Packed with nutrients and healthy fats and protein, Nagi’s Energy Bites have become our family go-to snack!

Nagi products are available at Longos and Loblaws locations. They are also available online.

Set the New Year right with a healthy mind set! Try Nagi and get a healthy boost as we all deserve self-care and self-love. A snack that can be loved by the whole family and especially loved by mom who only wants the best for her family. A must try!

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

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