The 6IXMAN Difference For The Modern Day Man

We have always been intrigued to bring unique brands and people to our readers as it helps us reach our diverse readers. We pride ourselves on that and this is why we are delighted to introduce you all to 6IXMAN.

6IXMAN is a start-up in the field of cosmetics, focused on men’s grooming products. This includes beard care, hair care, skin care, and shaving. Their aim is to create products which they use themselves meaning that they want their products to be safe, natural, biodegradable, as well as high performance.

What exactly defines a “6IXMAN”? According to their website, it is a classically modern man. Regardless of what he is doing, he always looks good. In a world of social media where you are under constant scrutiny, the pressure is on to look your best even when you are not at your best. The 6IXMAN tackles the challenges of a modern lifestyle with the knowledge that even when he is pushed to the limit, he will make it look easy. A well-groomed man creates a lasting impression of control, strength, and poise. The 6IXMAN marries old world charm with new world pragmatism to become a tour de force. Each 6IXMAN defines their brand and his uniqueness adds to their own.

We got a chance to interview one of the owners, Danny, to get an inside scoop or a behind the scene look at 6IXMAN.

Tell me a little bit about yourselves (the owners behind 6IXMAN).

6IXMAN is made up of three co-founders all with different outlooks on life and experiences, but together we merge our separate visions to form a new, unique and fresh approach. We stem from professional backgrounds in strategic marketing, digital design and business relations – with entrepreneurial backgrounds we’ve formed a solid partnership which has grown 6IXMAN to what it is today, a successful self funded premium grooming brand.

When did you see the need to start your brand in representing the modern-day man? How did it all start?

The frustration that develops when you cannot just find a great product at a fair price, that’s what started 6IXMAN. How absurd is it that you need to know so much about chemicals, their purposes and effects to know whether you are getting a good product or not?

We saw a lack of clean and premium products that are easy for the average consumer to buy so we decided to make our own. Easier said than done, we made some serious sacrifices to bring forth what you see today and that included taking serious financial risks to make sure we achieved our goals. While it’s safe to say we have achieved our goals with what we have on offer today, there is still much more work to be done.

We love how your catalogue features diverse men and that the products are made in Canada. How can a modern-day man purchase your products?

Thank you! 6IXMAN is any Man and so diversity was a key trait we wanted to make certain was represented by our line.

A modern-day consumer can purchase products in any modern way available today, but of course for the classically modern there are still hundreds of brick and mortar locations that carry our line and we encourage you to support them.

Our entire line can be found on our website or on Amazon where we offer same day shipping and next day delivery for those with access to amazon prime. If you want to find a retailer close to you, just click here.

What do you hope to accomplish through your brand?

There would be too many things to list here with the appropriate amount of detail; however, there is one thing that can be said. 6IXMAN aims to help consumers feel great again about their purchase, appearance and overall grooming experience. We ultimately want to enable people to get out there, look your best, feel your best and be your best.

What advice would you give to our readers who would like to start using your products? Is there a regime that they should follow?

That completely depends on your needs and grooming routine; however, if you are sporting any type of facial hair then we certainly have a regime that we recommend our consumers to follow.

For facial hair, we have a 3-step grooming process that includes:

  1. Cleansing your facial hair of bacteria and debris to create a healthy growth environment.
  2. Nourishing your skin at the base of your facial hair to strengthen roots and eliminate irritation such as itchiness and dry skin.
  3. Soften and shape your facial hair so that it remains neatly seated on your face.

Thank you so much Danny for your time. Is there anything else you would like to add?

We also want to make certain that people know 6IXMAN is not strictly a beard care grooming company, in fact we offer many fantastic hair styling and face care products as well with shaving products on our radar for the near future.

We love what the 6IXMAN brand is doing in the grooming scene for men and we know they will continue to grow. They don’t impose a certain image onto their customers on how they “have” to look like but instead they embrace everyone’s differences to make them who they are. What an inspirational way to be!

My husband has two of their products which is the Fresh Face Cleanser and Face Moisturizer and he loves them. I think the simplicity of using them in his daily grooming routine makes it a slam dunk in his books.

If you are interested in learning more about all the different products, they have available you can visit their website, or follow them on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. We know that we are following! 😉

There is nothing wrong with a man wanting to look his best. 6IXMAN is just making it easier.

Thank you again Danny for your time and for changing the grooming world for men!

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

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