Hydro Strike and Pikmi Pops™ “Lollipop Chase” Hits The Game Scene | Pressman Toy

We are BIG fans of Pressman Toys and they keep giving us reasons why to keep loving them. We are delighted to announce two exciting games that you will want to try out!

Hydro Strike

Pressman Toys brings a great new game and perfect for the pinball game lovers!

Get ready to make a splash with Hydro Strike! In this head-to-head pinball game, you’ll need fast flipping fingers to shoot the ball into your opponent’s goal. Score and your opponent will get sprayed in the face with water! Since a sprayer is aimed at both players, strike quick when you play, or you’ll get the spray! The first player to score 5 times wins.

Talk about an exciting game to play for family night! It is great for two players and for ages 7 and up. We think this will be a great hot game for the holiday gift list!

If you would like to purchase this game for a loved one, click here.

Pikmi Pops™ “Lollipop Chase”

If you have a young child at home then you may have already been introduced to Pikmi Pops and if you haven’t, you will soon! Pikmi Pops are sweet scented and full of surprises! The special lollipop container opens to reveal a scented plush with surprises. Its a great addition to any collection!

In this adorable new game, help the Pikmi Pops fill their Pikmi trees with lots of lollipops! To earn lollipop, you may need to dance, sing, or even tell a story. Some special places on the board will unlock surprises! Be the first player to collect four different lollipops to fill your Pikmi tree and win!

Game includes one exclusive sweet scented Pikmi Pops plush and it is ideal for children ages 5 and up. This game is great for two to four players and hours of fun!

To purchase your very own, click here. This would make a great gift idea too!

We are so excited to introduce you all to these two games and we know you will love them. Pressman Toys has done it again by bringing interactive games to families. Make sure to follow Pressman Toys on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

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