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Fairy Science Solid, Liquid, Gassy

Fairy Science Solid, Liquid, Gassy is an absolute must read as it inspires the inner scientists within us all. For the world has always something new to discover.” – Momma Braga


Esther likes facts and evidence. But fairies use magic wands and mix magic potions. That can make the land of Pixieville a frustrating place for a budding scientist.

When an entire pond goes missing, the other fairies are convinced it disappeared by magic. But Esther’s sure that there’s a scientific explanation…one that doesn’t involve a thirsty ogre.

Fairy and science fans alike will love Esther’s spellbinding introduction to the water cycle!


Fairy Science Solid, Liquid, Gassy is the must read children’s book as it offers the triple threat: interesting storyline, amazing illustrations and a dash of humor. Those are my top three reasons to love a book. Fairy Science knocks all three out of this world!

We love how the story opens up the world of science to kids and we love how Esther asks important questions even though people don’t believe her. They are fairies after all who do love to dabble in magic. 😉 We also loved learning about the transformation of solid to liquid to gassy. Nikki loved giggling to Fig (Esther’s friend) who made the book truly funny for little ones with his funny sayings. “My favourite part is when he said I think mine peed. I laughed so much!” – Nikki, Age 6

We both agreed that our favourite part was the bonus included in the book which is a step by step experiment that you can try at home with your kids to show condensation. Nikki loved doing it and she has been conducting her own experiments since and it has been amazing to watch her love for science grow. Children’s books like these open the doors for little ones and it allows them to grow.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Fairy Science Solid, Liquid, Gassy got a glowing review with 10 stars out of 5! We recommend this book for your reading line-up and it is great for children who are between the ages of three and seven. What type of science experiments have you and your kids been up to lately? Let us know in the comment section below. 😉

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About the Author

Ashley Spires is the author and illustrator of many books, including Fairy ScienceEsther’s first scientific adventure, the bestselling The Most Magnificent Thing, now an animated short film, and the Binky the Space Cat series, which was adapted for television as an animated series. She can often be found making books, walking by the river, and drinking a nice cup of tea. Ashley lives with her husband, her dog, and far too many cats in ladner, British Columbia, a place known for its tumultuous and soggy water cycles.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

*Please note that this book was provided in exchange of an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own.

Fairies Vs Unicorns

Have you ever had the disagreement of which one was better: Fairies or Unicorns? Do you have a specific magical creature that you love the most?

Well, we have been presented with this very question by one of our favorite book publishers, Tundra Books. Of course there is no better way to determine our answer with two new stories that feature each character in depth. From beloved BC creators Ashley Spires and Cale Atkinson come two new picture books celebrating those most magical of creatures, fairies and unicorns!

Fairy Science

Esther the fairy doesn’t believe in magic. But fairies are all about magic, despite Esther’s best efforts to reveal the science of their world. No matter how she and her bird, Albert, explain that rainbows are refracted light rather than a path to gold, or that mist is water evaporating rather than an evil omen, or the importance of the scientific method, her fairymates would rather just do magic.

So when the other fairies’ solution to helping a dying tree is to do a mystical moonlight dance, Esther decides to take it upon herself to resuscitate the tree with the scientific method, some hypothesizing, a few experiments and the heady conclusion that trees need sunlight to live!

But while Esther manages to save the tree, she can’t quite change the minds of her misguided fairymates…or can she?

About the Author

Ashley Spires grew up in Tsawwassen, BC and after stints living in Toronto and Saskatoon, she now lives in Ladner, having made an educated decision to never move from B.C. again. She is the creator of the Binky The Space Cat series of junior graphic novels and the bestselling The Most Magnificent Thing, soon to be an animated short film. When not drawing, she is often jogging with her dog Gordon or cuddling her growing brood of cats. For more info, click here.

Unicorns 101

The unicorn is the most noble and beautiful of all the beasts. Colorful and shiny coats, luscious manes that smell of cinnamon, sparkly hooves. But not much was known about this fascinating species…until now.

Top professors working in the field of Unicorn Science have come together for the first time to create this comprehensive guide to the unicorn: Dr. Glitter Pants, Grand Unistorian; Dr. Sprinkle Steed, Doctor of Magic; Dr. Star Hoof, Rainbowmetrics Specialist; and Dr. Sugar Beard, Certified Hornologist.

These highly trained scientists will reveal all of the secrets you’ve been dying to find out: What is a unicorn’s horn made of? Why do I never see unicorns? What do unicorns like to eat? And what do unicorn homes look like? (Hint: there are guard’n gnomes, a ball pit and gummi bears growing on trees.)

This book will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about unicorns — and more. But please, handle with care, or you may be seeing sparkles for weeks.

About the Author

Cale Atkinson is an illustrator and animator living lakeside with his family in Kelowna, British Columbia. Believing in tea more than sleep, Cale is constantly working on numerous projects. He is the illustrator of many children’s books, including If I Had a Gryphon, and he wrote and illustrated Where Oliver Fits and Sir Simon: Super Scarer and many more. His work can also be found in animated shorts, television and games. He has not met a unicorn…yet. For more info, click here.


Now if you were not a fan of fairies or unicorns then you may just be after reading both of these books. Both books bring all the great traits that we love in both magical creatures and they also teach us a few new things that we can appreciate.

We absolutely loved the different perspective Fairy Science brought forth to the little readers. The use of science in the book was perfect and really gets the young minds to ask questions and wonder how things truly work. This earned some extra points in our books. Did we forget to mention how great the illustrations are in this story?! They are absolutely perfect and really bring the story to life. Therefore, for Fairy Science we give it 10 pixidust out of 5!

Unicorns 101 is just as amazing as it gives us the 101 all things unicorns. We definitely learned a lot about unicorns and had some giggles along the way. It was truly creative and hilarious to read. My favorite part is when we were shown what a baby unicorn looks like – too adorable! But be warned as if you stare for too long you may see only glitter for weeks! 😉 HeHe. The illustrations are vibrant and perfect in our education lesson on all things unicorn. Therefore, for Unicorns 101 we give it 10 sparkles out of 5!

You can rest assured that if you decide to read Fairy Science or Unicorns 101, it will not disappoint the inner magical creature in yourself! Both books are recommended for children ages three to seven (or if you are like me, age is no limit as long as you love great children stories).

Now the BIG question has still be unanswered by us…Which side are we on? Team Fairy or Team Unicorn? You must click the video below to find out! 😉

If you would like to purchase Fairy Science, click here. If you would like to purchase Unicorns 101, click here. Neither will disappoint!

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

*The books were provided in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own.