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An Adventurer, Investigator But Most Importantly A Dad

This month’s “Dad of the Month” lives out what many adventurers wish they could. He is a private investigator who is solving domestic, civil, criminal and unsolved mysteries. He also helps families stay safe! Who is this humble and interesting dad?!

It is Jax Menez Atwell. Jax is well known as the star of Missing in Alaska and he has been a private investigator for ten years with his company called, Atwell Investigations. But that is not all! When I asked Jax to tell me a little about himself, he humbly states: “I always find it hard to describe myself to others. I am many things and I enjoy wearing many hats in this life. If you look at just my titles, I’m a father, a son, an investigator, a former law enforcement officer, an actor, a writer, an adventurer, an explorer, etc. I don’t think our titles are what makes us up though. I think that is what society has tricked us into believing. It used to be what you would see in your own eyes, felt in your hand shake, observed in your actions, and praised by your deeds.”

I couldn’t agree with you anymore as titles don’t define who we are as people!



To sum it all up, Jax says, “I have been a private investigator for ten years and was in law enforcement for twelve before that. I am the father to three awesome boys and that is really all that matters!” Well said Jax! This is why you are our “Dad of the Month” as being a dad is all that matters!


I had the opportunity to interview Jax to get to know more about him and his business, Atwell Investigations.

  1. What does your company do?

“My company, Atwell Investigations, serves many purposes but really we are a jack of all trades. There is no investigation that we can’t or won’t do. As private investigators we do everything from your basic investigations like frauds, infidelities, child custody issues, and attorney/client cases to the extreme of undercover narcotics and cold cases. ”


  1. When did you start your business?

“As with most self-employed people most the evolution of when you started your business probably happened long before your official start date. I had been doing investigations and personal protection for years while in my law enforcement career. Towards the end of my time in cop work, I had gotten together with several other cops and formed our own business. Through the years that has morphed, like most small businesses, and now it is a solo operation for the most part!”

  1. How did you come up with the idea?

“It isn’t unheard of for cops to get into investigative work in the private sector. The idea to do it while I was younger rather than when I retired was because I wanted to place my energy in what actually helps people. In private investigations you have the ability to truly solve someone’s problem without government red tape.”

  1. How did you come up with the business name?

“My business name is also something that has morphed over time as how I’ve structured my business has moved and built. My original name was very tactical because I was a former breacher on the special assignment unit (swat) and I did a lot of personal protection. As the business moved and twisted into what it is today, I felt like the best stamp you can put on something is your name. So Atwell Investigations is me and everything I bring with it.”



  1. What do you hope your business accomplishes?

“My true hope for my business is to be successful in getting my clients the answers they need so they can move on with their lives. So often we are stuck for years or longer with no answers to the riddles and mysteries of our lives. It is rehabilitating, to many people to finally get the answers they were looking for and being able to see these people being able to move on with their lives is a huge victory for me.”

  1. Where would you like to see your business in 5 years?

“While I’m a very goal oriented person, I’m also a master of change. Most good investigators become masters of change because it’s the arena we operate. While I have areas I would like to be in five years, I also know that in my field chance is the only constant so I’m prepared to always keep moving forward. Life is an adventure for sure so you just have to be prepared for the ride!”


  1. As a busy working dad, how do you find the time to balance it all?

“This is the biggest question that I get asked for sure. Balancing being a parent and in an intensive job occupation like this is a real challenge. The biggest key I’d have to say is making sure in the hours you do have with your children that you are emotionally available. I know my mother use to like using the term of “Quality Time” and I think it was spot on. Making those minutes count with your children is so important.”

8. If you can give five unique parenting tips, what would it be?

“While I don’t consider myself as an expert parent or guide to parenting but I think the top five things I’d say as parenting tips are:

1)      LOVE, love your child. This seems silly and obvious but you know how many parents I see that don’t show their child love!

2)      Remember that your child isn’t you. It is very hard, I think especially as a dad, to not hold your child to the standard of “you.” They are different than you. Sure they have your traits and such but they are also unique.

3)      Make memories. Let’s be honest, take a look back at your own childhood and I’m sure you will have major points of memories. The mundane ins and outs of daily life aren’t really what we remember. Its dad taking the time to build a model airplane, going on a rafting trip, camping, looking at classic cars….whatever it is that may interest your child.

4)      Listen. This is not an easy one for most people although they will probably tell you that they do listen. Try harder. LISTEN. Your child has so much to say and that is so much great stuff to learn in those words you might tune out.

5)      Remember that your child is not your friend. It is fine to be “friendly” with your child but remember in these important years that your discipline and teaching is what will affect your child most when they are adults. There will be plenty of time for friendship as they age but it is most important to set our children on a great path to success.”

  1. Lastly, is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?

“I have one last thing that I would like to say in relation to my last trip. In this scary day in age we live in, not only should you be a disciplinarian first before being a friend to your child but you MUST be an investigator. Get into what your child is doing and know what they are doing. I know so many in our society are hell bent on saying that the child has privacy rights. I disagree thoroughly. You are their parent and you are to protect them from things they may not even know. They are not mature enough to handle the way of the world. If they were, you wouldn’t have children committing suicide over bullying, meeting up with sexual predators, or getting into things completely against your values. I think growing up my mom just had worries that I’d drink or use drugs but now as parents we have so many things to worry about. So what if they find out you were watching their text messages. You are the parent, please don’t be afraid to tell them so. It truly is a life and death matter. I personally would rather have my child mad at me then having to bury them.”


Momma Braga is extremely proud to feature Jax Menez Atwell of Atwell Investigations as this month’s “Dad of the Month” as he is humble, real and is helping many people find answers that they have been longing for. Jax has also leant his knowledge and expertise to The Baby Spot by answering questions to their worldwide audience on private investigating. These articles are a must read, check them out; Using A Private Investigator In Your Divorce, and How A Private Investigator Can Help Your Family.

Even though he has a hard and demanding job, he always ensures that his three sons have his time. That makes you awesome in our books Jax!

To follow Jax to see what adventure he is on, follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as I have a feeling there is more to come from him!

Thank you Jax for your time and wishing you many more years of success!

Until next time……Happy Parenting!

–          Momma Braga



Giving Parents and Babies a Better Night Sleep with Fade Away Sleep Sounds

This month’s “Dad of the Month” is a husband and father of two awesome boys. His “day job” is a TV and Film Editor. Some of his past projects have been “The Grey”, starring Liam Neeson, NBC’s “The Blacklist” Pilot, and NBC’s “State of Affairs.” And when he isn’t doing any television productions, he is spending all his free time on Fade Away Sleep Sounds.


I had the opportunity to connect with Kevin to get to know more about this great dad and his business, Fade Away Sleep Sounds.

  1. What does your company do?

“Fade Away Sleep Sounds is a white noise sleep aid company. The womb is a very noisy place, and for some babies, making that transition to sleeping in the quiet environment outside of the womb can be a challenging one. That’s why white noise has been so successful with the little ones. The sounds we provide are sounds that tend to replicate actual white noise in the respect that they are at a constant pitch, tone and level. They both re-create that womb-like sounds and they also act as a masking sound, blocking out other unwanted sounds. Also, most of our Baby Sleep Sounds were developed to take the place of items parents were already using to help get their children to sleep (i.e. hair dryer, washing machine, shower sounds, the sound of a car ride, etc.).”

“Originally our sounds catered to babies and their needs, but we have since expanded our library to include sleep and relaxation sounds for adults too. What makes Fade Away Sleep Sounds different is the slow, gradual fade to silence at the end of every track. It’s so slow you can’t even hear it happening, and before you know it, your baby (and you) are sleeping un-aided.”

  1. When did you start your business?

“My first experience with white noise was with my oldest child back in 2003, but Fade Away Sleep Sounds didn’t start until 2008.”

  1. How did you come up with the idea?

“As I mentioned, my first time using white noise was with my first child. He was a fussy sleeper, and my wife and I had heard a little about the benefits of white noise, so we decided to try it out on a particularly challenging evening. The sound that ended up working was running bath water. It was amazing how this nearly inconsolable little person quickly relaxed and calmed when he heard that sound. With our second child, it was very much the same, except the sound he responded to was the hair dryer. And with him the response was almost instant…it was almost like flipping a switch. When the hair dryer turned on, he turned off. It was amazing! It got to the point where we just kept the hair dryer under his crib. A few years later we were sharing our experiences with our friends, telling them how well white noise has worked for us. Since I worked in the broadcast industry, I had a lot of the equipment needed to professionally record and produce video and audio, so I decided to record a sound for them and put it on a CD. They loved it and soon after Fade Away Sleep Sounds was born!”


  1. How did you come up with the business name?

“We decided on Fade Away Sleep Sounds to highlight what was special and unique about us. If you’ve ever researched white noise companies, you’ll soon come to see that there are quite a few. However, none of them offered the slow fade to silence that we do, hence, “Fade Away” Sleep Sounds.”

  1. What do you hope your business accomplishes?

“I hope that if anything Fade Away Sleep Sounds can bring a little relief to babies and adults struggling with sleep. Sleep deprivation is a tough thing. If we can help in combating it, I think we will have accomplished just what we set out to do.”

  1. Where would you like to see your business in 5 years?

“Right now we’re the little business that could. There have been times when Fade Away Sleep Sounds took a back seat to my editing career, which really hurt its growth. Now I’m trying to take a more balanced approach with my career and Fade Away Sleep Sounds. I’d like to see our library of sounds grow and have us to be more top of mind with parents and other businesses. In five years, I can see Fade Away Sleep Sounds as a leader in the white noise industry and a partner with other sleep related and parenting companies.”

  1. As a busy working dad, how do you find the time to balance it all?

“Balance is the key. Yes, work and career is important, but it’s nothing compared to being part of your child’s life. My wife and I created routines in our household, and we make a concerted effort to stick to them. This means consistent meal times where we sit down as a family and consistent routines, such as bed time. I’m very connected to my calendar, so I schedule everything. I know when my kids have a concert or a soccer game and whenever possible I schedule everything around those family type events.”


  1. If someone is interested in purchasing from your company where can they go?

“I try to encourage everyone to go to our website at http://www.fadeawaysleepsounds.com/. That’s where you can find every sound we have, and where all our new sounds are released first. We even have free sounds available to people who register on our website. I’ve also tried very hard to make Fade Away Sleep Sounds available on most every digital platform as well. After our sounds have been released on our website, I then will start making the sounds available on all the other platforms out there, such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, etc. We are on most of the popular streaming and download sites.”

  1. Lastly, is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?

“I, and thousands of other parents, have had great success with white noise and have truly seen it benefit our kids. However, it’s not for everyone. I suggest testing white noise with your baby before buying a track from Fade Away Sleep Sounds or any other white noise company. Also, our Baby Sleep Sounds weren’t necessarily made to introduce to your baby, but to supplement the sounds you have already discovered work for your kids. So, if you know the hair dryer works for your baby, then go ahead and download our hair dryer tracks so you don’t wear out your own dryer. I also like to stress to parents not to play the sounds too loud. It is recommended that sounds for babies shouldn’t be any louder than 50 db. And the source of the sound shouldn’t be too close to the baby either. I suggest picking a sound level that is a close level to the actual sound…..so if someone is use to sleeping with a fan in their room, set the volume level to one that matches the actual fan.”

“We do have sounds that are more geared to adults too as I have mentioned earlier. While I think it’s great that the sound of a vacuum works well for a lot of babies, that’s the last thing I want to hear when I’m sleeping. That’s why we have other sounds like Rain Sounds, Thunder Storm Sounds, Ocean Roar, etc. I use those types of sounds all the time and love them!”

“Lastly, thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about my company! I’m very proud of what it is and excited to see what it will become.”

Momma Braga is extremely proud to feature Kevin of Fade Away Sleep Sounds as this month’s “Dad of the Month” as he is such a humble, kind and is helping many babies (and parents) sleep better with the sounds he creates. What parent does not want better sleep?! I think we all do! This alone makes Kevin an awesome dad and our Dad of the Month.

Kevin is so awesome that he is giving us some free tracks to give away to our awesome readers. Make sure to follow Momma Braga on Facebook for contest details.

To follow Fade Away Sleep Sounds to see what they are up to, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as I have a feeling there is more to come from them!

Thank you Kevin for your time and wishing you many years of success!

Until next time……Happy Parenting!

–          Momma Braga

Turning Memories Into Comics

We all know that kids say the funniest and most honest things. So imagine being able to capture these moments in comic form. Well, I am thrilled to say that you can with the help of Matt from Peanuts Gallery Comic who is our “Dad of the Month.”

untitled #3

Matt grew up in Colorado and moved to New York City right after college. Recently he has moved to the suburbs in New York City with his wife and soon to be six year old son, to give his son more space to run around. People often ask him how he made the transition from Colorado to New York City and he says, “I somehow love the outdoors as much as I love the energy and crowds of New York City.”

I had a chance to connect with Matt to learn more about his unique company.

  1. What does your company do?

“Peanut Gallery Comics turns memories into hand-drawn, custom art. People send in photos and their story, and our writers and illustrators turn them into comic strips.”

Click here to watch the video.

untitled #2

  1. When did you start your business?

“We’ve been live for just over three months. We started with a Kickstarter campaign and somehow found ourselves fully funded in less than 48 hours. We were lucky enough to end up over 200% funded.”

  1. How did you come up with the idea?

“My son says and does some really funny and cute things. I started keeping a journal of them so I wouldn’t forget them. But I soon found they were just sitting there and I couldn’t really enjoy them. That’s when I came up with the idea to have them made into comics. I found some illustrators to make a few of them and I loved them! When my family and friends saw them and loved them, I decided to try it as a business.”


  1. How did you come up with the business name?

“I liked the sound of peanut because it was a nick name we gave to my nephew (who is almost a year old now), and paired it with gallery because we make custom art.”

untitled #5

  1. What do you hope your business accomplishes?

“To be honest, I really just love making people’s stories come to life as comics. The stories are all so cute (and some are really funny), and the illustrators and I have to get creative to make them into comic strips that stay true to the story.”

untitled #7

  1. Where would you like to see your business in 5 years?

“I’d like to see us making a good amount of people’s stories into comics every month. It’s fun making them, and it’s fun getting all of the positive feedback. We even started making some free ones for people based on cute or funny stories we see on Twitter. The free ones don’t have personalized characters, but most people are really happy to see their stories as comic strips.”

untitled #6

  1. As a busy working dad, how do you find the time to balance it all?

“It’s funny, I get asked that all the time. I guess I stay up fairly late and usually do a good amount of work after my son goes to bed, but it doesn’t seem that hard. Maybe it’s because I like it so much. Although I have noticed I don’t watch TV much anymore.”

  1. If someone is interested in purchasing a comic, how can they go about it?

They can purchase online from our site, http://www.peanutgallerycomics.com/ or send an email to info@peanutgallerycomics.com if they have any questions.

I have had the pleasure to have one of my moments with my daughter captured in a comic strip by Peanut Gallery Comics and I will treasure it forever! Matt was very professional from beginning to end and of course the end result was stunning.

A Momma Braga Moment Captured on a Comic Strip
A Momma Braga Moment on a Comic Strip

Following them on social media has been great and really funny too. Make sure to follow them to see what other moments they have captured.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PGComics/?fref=ts
Instagram: @peanutgallerycomics
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PG_Comics

Matt is a talented father who has given parents an opportunity to capture their precious moments into comic strips that they can treasure forever. Matt even offers some great advice for all parents to note, “Keep making cute and funny memories! And make sure to capture them somewhere, even if it’s not as a custom comic. Write them down so you don’t lose them. It’s the small moments and memories that are really precious, the way your kid says something or the way they expressed themselves in a uniquely “them” kind of way.”

Very well said Matt and I have now purchased a notebook to capture some of these precious moments! Thank you Matt for your time and keep making memories come alive in print!

I am happy to extend a special offer from Matt of Peanut Gallery Comics to all my amazing readers. If you purchase a comic from them use promo code: MommaBraga to get $10 off your order! Thanks Matt as I know my readers will appreciate this great offer!

Until next time…..Happy Parenting!

–          Momma Braga

Not Just a Party, but an Experience of a Lifetime

This month’s “Dad of the Month” is an inspiring man who’s best friend and business partner is his twin brother. He is humble, kind, loves what he does and knows how to coordinate a fantastic party! But not just any party, but an experience of a lifetime.

I am talking about Jian Magen of Magen Boys Entertainment (MBE).

At a very young age, twin brothers Jian and Page Magen had a natural ability to bring people together to celebrate. Out of the love and passion of creating lasting memories for people through events, came the start of Magen Boys Entertainment (MBE).

Jian and Page - Star Wars

Launched in 1999, MBE started out as a two-man disc jockey team. Today, MBE is Canada’s #1 turn-key event production and entertainment company with close to 100 staff, first-class inventory of technical, media and staging equipment and a 10,000 square foot office, showroom and warehouse.

They create unforgettable events by customizing every detail around their unique clients. They even state: “We promise your party will be an experience of a lifetime.” MBE will coordinate every aspect of your party, including; venue selection, theme, decor, vendor management, entertainment, schedule, budget and on site execution to name a few. They have highly qualified event producers to professional singers, musicians, DJ’s, emcee’s, dancers and performers to the state of the art lighting, staging, and sound systems. MBE provides the best in production, entertainment and decor for every type of event imaginable. Whether it’s a corporate event; special events; weddings; mitzvahs; sporting events; confirmations and Sweet 16’s; and Talent Acquisition.

With MBE, the possibilities are endless. Make sure to follow them on social media to see what exciting events that they are up to as you never know what celebrity has taken them on.

Website: www.magenboys.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Magenboys
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/magenboys
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MagenBoysEnt

MBE 451

I have had the sincere pleasure to work with Jian on events that I have coordinated in the past and I knew that if he was involved it would always be a great success. Jian always ensured that everything went smoothly from the beginning to end. His friendliness and professionalism was always top notch. Jian would take our events to the next level of awesome and I was always grateful to have him by our side.

When I asked Jian where he would like to see his business in 5 years, he noted that if business continues to grow at the pace its going, he would have no reason to be anything but happy and lucky. One of the areas he would love to see grow would be the MBE film division that they launched a few years back. With their second feature film under their belt, Jian and his brother are excited to continue growing this side of their business.

But it hasn’t just been business growing, as Jian’s family was as well. Jian became a dad in 2015 with the birth of his son and his family is growing again with baby #2 on the way. So how does he ensure business success and a growing family?! Well, I asked him how he does it all. Jian stated, “It’s all about making priorities and to make as much time as possible to spend it with my family.”

Jian is our Dad of the month as he is an inspirational person who built a great company from the ground up. Of course it hasn’t been easy and required a lot of hard work to achieve what he has through MBE. He balances a busy work schedule and ensures that he is there for his growing family with much love. Jian is also humble and never forgets his family and friends. You know that you can always count on him if you need something.

When I asked Jian what he would like to end with he stated, “Being named Dad of the month is such an honour for me, thank you.”

But I am the one who needs to say thank you to Jian for all his hard work, dedication, friendship and time. Don’t forget to check out Magen Boys Entertainment for an experience of a lifetime.

Congratulations Jian!

Until next time…..Happy Parenting!

– Momma Braga

Dad of the Month Adds Some Saucy Kytchen

Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of motherhood it is great to take a break from cooking. One of our family favourites to eat from is a local Italian sandwich restaurant called Saucy Kytchen. This place has amazing food and service but you wouldn’t expect anything less if you knew the owner, Kevin. This is why Kevin is our Momma Braga“Dad of the Month”.


Saucy Kytchen is located at 730 Lakeshore Rd., East in Mississauga, Ontario. They have a variety of different food items available on their menu and one of our family favourites is the Steak and Egg Sandwich. Talk about delicious and a must try from their menu! They also have meatless options such as their eggplant sandwich which I have heard is the very best. I also can’t forget about the delicious mozzarella sticks! There is just so much to choose from their menu and it can delight just about any type of person.

In addition, Kevin just added a Junior menu which he calls, Junior Sammies, and this menu is now available! Love this idea and concept! Talk about including all in the family and standing out from the rest! But I am really not surprised that Kevin added this as he is always thinking of family and you really do feel like family when you go there.



Saucy Kytchen started off as a dream for Kevin, and it became reality in February of 2012. Kevin and his wife had a strong passion for the culinary arts and a desire to bring great Italian food to the city of Mississauga. They spent months working with a professional chef from Italy to learn how to perfect the sauce. They knew by perfecting the sauce they could provide a product superior to their competitors.


So, why the name Saucy Kytchen? Kevin stated that originally he wanted to call the restaurant, Carlos Sandwiches, after his father but than his wife came up with the name of Saucy Kytchen and it just clicked.

When people visit Saucy Kytchen, they can expect a welcoming environment with superb customer service. Saucy Kytchen brings a more modern cooking style, fresh ingredients and a passion in the preparation of their food which makes them stand out from the rest.

Could Saucy Kytchen get any better? Well, yes! They offer catering which is amazing! You can now bring their delicious food to your next meeting or event. To learn more about their catering services, please feel free to give them a call at (905) 990-2495. You can also order Saucy Kytchen on Skip The Dishes (*area restrictions may apply for delivery).

When I asked Kevin where he would like to see Saucy Kytchen go in the next five years, he stated that he would love to expand and open a few more locations. In addition, he is currently working on perfecting his pizza recipe soon. We are extremely excited about the pizza as we already love it, so we can’t wait to taste the new recipe!


And of course, Saucy Kytchen is on social media and please feel free to follow them. But I must warn you that your mouth will water with every picture posted!

Instagram: @saucykytchen
Twitter: https://twitter.com/saucykytchen
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/public/Saucy-Kytchen
Website: http://www.saucykytchen.com/

Kevin keeps very busy in ensuring that all his customers are always satisfied with their meals and he works hard at maintaining excellent customer service in the front lines. So how does he balance this and a family? Kevin stated that his goal every day is to leave work at 5pm to go home and spend as much time as he can with his 3 year old daughter and wife.


And if life couldn’t get any busier for him, his wife is expecting baby #2 soon and we couldn’t be happier for this beautiful and loving family.

Kevin is our dad of the month as he is an inspiration! His motivation and drive to follow his dreams to open up a sandwich shop and to work hard in building it, is amazing! But what makes him more amazing is the fact that family always comes first and they are his everything!

Congratulations Kevin and keep up the amazing work!

Until next time……Happy Parenting!

– Mommy Braga