3 Fun Rememberance Day Crafts For Kids

Remembrance Day is a special occasion to honor and remember the people who have served and sacrificed for our country. It is also a time to express gratitude and appreciation for their courage and dedication. One of the ways to do this is by making crafts that reflect the meaning and significance of Remembrance Day.

Here are some ideas for unique and creative Remembrance Day crafts for kids:

Handprint Craft

This is a simple and easy craft that you can make with your kids using paper plates, paint, and your hands. You can make different shapes and patterns with your handprints, such as flowers, hearts, stars, or letters. You can also write messages of thanks or appreciation on the plates.

This craft is a great way to show your love and respect for the veterans and their families.

Poppy Wreath Craft

This is a beautiful and festive craft that you can make with paper cups, tissue paper, glue, scissors, and a pencil. You can cut out circles from the cups to make the petals of the poppy wreath. Then you can glue them together in a circular shape. You can also add some tissue paper inside the wreath to make it more colorful and fluffy. You can decorate teh wreath with glitter, stickers, or ribbons.

This craft is a great way to celebrate Remembrance Day with style.

Vase Rememberance Day Craft

This is a lovely and elegant craft that you can make with clay, paint. brushes, and a vase. You can roll out the clay into thin sheets and cut out shapes from them, such as leaves, flowers, or stars. Then you can paint them with different colors to match your vase. You can also add some details like dots or lines to make them more realistic. You can arrange the shapes on top of the case or inside it.

This craft is a great way to show your admiration for the veterans and their achievements.

These are just some of the many Rememberance Day crafts that you can make with your kids. Remember to have fun and be creative while making these crafts. And don’t forget to donate to the veterans’ charities or support veterans’ organizations as well. Happy Rememberance Day!

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

~ Momma Braga

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