After A Lent Promise: Nikki’s Fundraising Journey

This past lent season, Nikki set herself on a remarkable journey that I am truly grateful for. Nikki had made a promise to fundraise to help those who live with Liver Disease and those who take care of them. The best way she could think of raising money and have fun at the same time was by making rainbow loom bracelets. She decided she could sell them at $5 each with all proceeds going to the Canadian Liver Foundation. This little idea became so much more for me and my family that I had to share the journey.

The Original Goal

As a parent, our job is to support and encourage our children to follow their goals and dreams. I have to admit that when Nikki said she was selling bracelets at $5 each, I started making a list of who couldn’t say no to Nikki because I thought this might be a hard sell. But then again, anything is possible, isn’t it?!

A goal of $30 was set and I was thrilled as this was manageable for us. After taking it to social media, Nikki surpassed her $30 goal within a day. Therefore, we increased her goal to $100 which again was reached fairly quickly. Nikki has always been a little extra so she came to me and said $500 would be a more reasonable goal since Lent is a long season. I have to admit, I was taken back with the goal but then I rolled up my sleeves and said, “Let’s do it!”

The Ultimate Goal

With the amazing help from our wonderful family and friends who started to share with their network to make Nikki’s wish goal come true, we reached the $500 goal. I thought we could finally relax a little until Easter; however, I can never underestimate our little Nikki.

“Well, $700 is a nicer goal to reach mom!” said Nikki. It sure did sound like a great number to achieve and the difference it could make in helping those with liver disease. Therefore, we went back to work with promoting Nikki’s Fundraiser.

The Canadian Liver Foundation and the Maker Market Collective were wonderful in helping us promote Nikki’s Fundraiser. We couldn’t have done it without them too!

By the end of Lent Season, I was moved to tears as Nikki raised $1,105!

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Our Meet n’ Greet with The Canadian Liver Foundation

We had the opportunity to visit the Canadian Liver Foundation in the middle of April to deliver the funds that Nikki raised. Nikki brought new life, motivation and love to the organization which had them moved to tears. Her impact seemed so little when we first started her fundraiser but now we see it was a much larger impact.
It was a great experience for Nikki to see the foundation in person and to meet all the people that worked at the Canadian Liver Foundation. Nikki really embraced the boardroom setting and she glowed with confidence. We haven’t seen that confidence in such a long time and I was incredibly proud to see it shining bright.
Photo Credit: Lo Dellandrea Photo
Nikki had a chance to hold a BIG cheque which was her favorite part. It is hard not to get excited about presenting a big cheque to do good in the world. I felt that Nikki needed to see where the money was going. It completes the fundraising journey as children need to really understand the cause they are supporting.
Photo Credit: Lo Dellandrea Photo
We are truly grateful to the Canadian Liver Foundation for providing this unique experience to Nikki and I as it made our campaign  real, heartfelt and impactful.
Photo Credit: Lo Dellandrea Photo

Liver Health

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone for supporting Nikki as it truly meant the world to us! This campaign has allowed us to open the dialogue again on liver health and how important it is.
Our livers are one of the most magnificent organs in our body with over 500 functions. It works tirelessly for us and rarely complains. Unfortunately, it only complains when things have progressed too much. But yet, it is the one organ that we rarely talk about or even understand. The myths and stereotypes around liver disease have plagued society in getting the help and attention that the liver deserves. Liver disease does not have one cause, one type of person or one cure. This is why it is vital to support the Canadian Liver Foundation in order to provide hope to those who suffer and care for people with liver disease. Let us break the stigma of liver disease and be liver champions for one another. Live is in liver and that is why we need to fight for it! Live(r), Laugh and Love.
To make an impact on the work that the Canadian Liver Foundation does, you may donate directly to the foundation.
We will be sharing more about our liver health journey soon. Stay tuned!
Until next time…Happy Parenting!
~ Momma Braga

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