DIY Analog Clock To Help Kids Tell Time

Telling time is such a great skill for kids to learn as it helps them gain life and math skills in the process. I have been trying to think of a way to make learning time easier and fun. But didn’t know how to start.

Then of course I was scrolling through reels (because clearly I don’t like sleeping), I found this neat DIY Analog Clock idea and fell in love with it! I shared it on my story and many of my followers expressed interest in learning how to make one. Due to the demand, I wrote down the step by step instructions below.

DIY Instructions

Let us create an analog clock to make telling time educational and fun!

Materials Required
  • Stock Paper (Any color you would like, we used three different colors for the different sections of the clock).
  • 12 Empty Water Bottles
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun
  • 1 Split Pin
  • Marker


  1. First, collect 12 empty water bottles. We squeezed the water bottle to make it easier to cut the top portion of the bottle. This way we got a bit of the plastic and the bottom of the lid with cap. Makes it easier to glue down afterwards. We did this on all 12 bottles. We then added numbers with a permanent marker to all the caps. 1 through 12 and then we put them aside.
  2. Then, we created a circle on a Word document and printed it on the color cardstock of our choice. Once printed, you cut it out and put it aside.
  3. Next, we created arrows to be the hands of the clock. We created on Word by inserting the arrows on the document. We adjusted them to be the hour and then the minute hand. We printed it on the color cardstock of our choice. Once printed, you it cut it out and put it aside.
  4. Then, the next step is time consuming so give yourself some time! It was the minute portion which are like tags. We created tag like shapes on Word and made 12 of them.
        1. Next, cut each one out.
        2. Once all cut out, take one of the bottle tops and open the lid. Using the inside part of the lid, trace it onto the tag.
        3. Then, carefully cut out the circle shape from the lid on the tag. Do this on each one until all 12 are complete.
        4. You can test out the tags, by taking the cap off and placing the tag over the bottom of the bottle opening. This way you can see that it fits. You can put the cap back on and the tag should stay in place.
        5. Once you have done all 12, you can add the minutes for each of the numbers. The numbered caps, we did the following minutes listed below.
                • 12 (:00)
                • 1 (:05)
                • 2 (:10)
                • 3 (:15)
                • 4 (:20)
                • 5 (:25)
                • 6 (:30)
                • 7 (:35)
                • 8 (:40)
                • 9 (:45)
                • 10 (:50)
                • 11 (:55)
  5. Once all the steps above are completed, it is time to put everything together. If you have not yet attached the tags to the bottle caps, please do so. Then organize the numbers on the clocking starting with 12 and go around. I first placed them to see spacing, once you are great with the spacing, you can carefully hot glue it to the clock (circle shape).
  6. Then, you can make a hole in the middle to add the split pin with the arrows on it. You can adjust the sizing if you need to.
  7. To test out the clock, slowly move the hour and minute hand to make sure it works. Then, you are ready to teach time!

This has been a great tool in our home that we have moved onto the real analog clocks in our home. Telling time has been a lot smoothier. Unfortunately, it hasn’t helped with getting Nikki to go to bed on time but that is a longer battle! LOL

If you decide to do one too, share it with us by tagging our Instagram account @Official_MommaBraga as we would love to share it!

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga


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