Don’t Skip These Areas In Your Weekly Clean!

As we know, there are a lot of areas in your home that can get incredibly dirty. We don’t often think about these areas, and we can forget about them in our weekly clean ups that we schedule for the weekend. And after a while we can actually start to notice the grime building up, and we can lay in bed at night wondering just how dirty our home might be.

But before you get into a cleaning frenzy, it’s time to think about what parts of your home haven’t received any TLC lately; whereabouts is likely to be dirty, as you’ve missed it quite a few times before? 

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Throw Out Your Old Sponges

If you clean with sponges, and you rinse them out and let them dry every time you’re finished up for the week, it might be time to throw them all out and buy some fresh ones. A lot of bacteria live within those sponges, and even when you dip them into a soapy solution to wash down the bathroom, you could be accidentally spreading a lot of germs over your rooms. In fact, it might even be better to invest in microfiber cloths to really ramp up your cleaning power in the future!  

Don’t Forget the Windows

Have you ever thought about washing your windows? Probably not; they’re not a typical weekly clean job, and only big office buildings hire window cleaners to scrub them up once  a month. However, if you’ve run a finger down the pane recently and picked up a lot of dust or residue, it might be time to get your own window cleaning service in to see to your home. 

After all, window cleaning can be hard to manage on your own, seeing as you’ve got an upper floor to clean as well, so schedule in some professional help and then sleep soundly over the state of your double glazing again. 

Put Rugs in the Wash

Those rugs you use to make the kitchen and living room more cozy? It’s time to throw them into a washing machine, or at least get a carpet cleaner on them and let them dry out in the fresh air outside. A lot of dirt particles can get trapped in rugs, especially the deep pile type, and even though it looks clean, there’s a very good chance that white faux fur is teeming with germs. 

Wipe Down Your Screens and Keyboards

Finally, it’s time to get an antibac wipe on your phone screen, computer monitor, and TV, as well as any and all keyboards you’ve got round the house. You touch these things every single day, multiple times, and you never know what might be living on them. In the case of the keyboard, it’s a good idea to lift the keys and give the base board a good clean out too. 

If you’ve got a cleaning schedule to follow, pencil a few more areas into it for a cleaner home. 

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