Five Fun Ways To Keep The Kids Occupied At Home

We’re in the middle of a pandemic and one of the hardest things that you can do is keep your children entertained. Between trying to keep them focused on school work to focusing on your own job from home, you need to think about how you can keep your children from being sucked into boredom. Extra time as a family may feel like a blessing, but the best thing that you can do is to ensure that you have put together everything possible to get the kids laughing and feeling happy.

Being stuck inside is hard, but with the five fun tips below, you can ensure that the kids are occupied at home no matter what. Let’s take a look!

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Get Engaged

The kids need to be engaged as much as possible, from getting them to write their own book and publish it with Studentreasures Publishing, to getting them outside in the garden to play. School work is fantastic and all, but they need something creative to do. Placing a mud kitchen outside and letting them go to town with their mess will help them to use their imaginations. Allowing them to write and illustrate their own book will give them the chance to be more interactive in their activities. The point here is to engage the kids as much as possible and get them using their minds for whatever they can!

Get Active

Children need to burn off a ton of energy if they’re going to be able to sit and concentrate when they need to. If you’re indoors, finding time to get active isn’t always easy, and your children need to get the right amount of physical activity to burn off their energy, you need to get them active. Joe Wicks does PE on YouTube and there are plenty of other free ways that you can get the kids exercising at home, too. You can host your own mini relay and Olympics – you just have to get creative with your equipment.

Get Cooking

You need to keep the kids fed so that they have the energy to keep learning and moving, and you can weave a lesson in there with cooking skills. If you get the kids cooking with you, they can learn about where their food comes from, how to cook it and how it should be presented. You can get them children’s chef sets with knives that are safe for them to use, and you can create simple recipes together – which is also a great way to get the pickiest eaters to eat better!

Get Simple

If the kids are sick of book learning at the table, why not rely a little more on Mr Attenborough? You can use documentaries and popcorn to get them into something they want to learn – you will be shocked at how much they want to know about koalas or bees! It’s a great way to inject fun and education into the same sentence!

Get Creative

At home, the kids have less social freedom – especially during lockdown. Let them get messy, and use silly string and paint to have total creative fun. They’ll keep coming back for more and this is how you ensure that you know your kids are happy, healthy and entertained.


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