DIY Love Frames

DIY Love Frames is simple to do and fun! You can create these frames to decorate a photo or an art piece that your little one has created. 🙂

Just gather your supplies and let’s get started!

Love Frames

Materials Needed
  • Popsicle Sticks (Big ones)
  • Paint
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Heart Stickers
  • First, you can select a paint colour that you would like to paint the popsicle sticks. Carefully paint the popsicle sticks and let them sit to dry.
  • Then, take a construction paper (colour of your choice) and cut it in half as this will give you the perfect size for your frame. 🙂
  • Your child can draw a design or even glue a family photo to it.
  • Then, you can glue the popsicle sticks to go around your art/photo.
  • Lastly, decorate the frame with heart stickers or any other design that you would like.
  • Optional, You can have your child write a message on the frame if they would like to add a personal touch.

There you have it! These heartfelt frames can be gifted and just in time for Valentine’s Day. Anything made with love is always the best gift of all.

We would love to see your DIY Love Frames and share them with us! Use hashtag #MelAndNikkiCrafts.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

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