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A perfect series for the soccer fan in your life!


Soccer School Season 1: Where Soccer Explains (Rules) the World

Coaches (and authors) Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton cleverly use the lens of soccer to immerse kids in math, geography, biology, and more. Loaded with awesome true stories and science, the first book in the Soccer School series is illustrated throughout with cartoons that will have young soccer fans laughing out loud. Quizzes at the end of each chapter keeps readers on their toes as they learn some truly weird trivia, like the hidden meaning behind a team’s uniform colors, how you might play soccer on Mars, or even the most opportune time for players to go to the bathroom. Entertaining and informative, this book is sure to score a goal with soccer fanatics everywhere (when they’re not on the field, of course).

Soccer School Season 2: Where Soccer Explains (Saves) the World

Soccer School is back in session and ready to defend its goal: to explain the world through soccer.

Coaches Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton return with even more proof that soccer can be used to teach kids about pretty much anything. The second book in their funny, fascinating series is full of facts about the most popular sport in the world, from history to language, design to psychology. When did women begin playing soccer? Why do lefties have an advantage on the field? Which soccer stadium was built in the shape of a crocodile? Perfect for soccer players, fans, or just plain curious kids, this series is packed with information and amusement in equal measure. Goal!

Soccer School Season 3: Where Soccer Explains (Tackles) the World

This third book in the Soccer School series poses many intriguing questions for soccer fans: What color are Cristiano Ronaldo’s pajamas? How many bones are there in the human foot? And why is that dodo alive and kicking? With funny cartoons and multiple-choice quizzes, this is the perfect way for young fans to learn how to score with their head. Coaches Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton kick off another season of Soccer School in this book packed with awesome true stories, real science, and fascinating facts. At this school, everything is about soccer!


Now I might be a little bias on this series as I use to play soccer as a kid and love the sport. Therefore, it is no surprise that I loved all three books in the series. What was most appealing in all three books is the ability to tie in the sport with other subjects and vice versa. The skills learned in sports can be applied to every day life and I love how each books reflects on that. It is really brilliantly written – bravo!

It is relatable and fun to read. The illustrations in all three books really tie everything in nicely and is a valued touch. Each book contains facts, quizzes and offers so much knowledge for a young reader. So much to learn in each book and your young reader will love each book as much as the next.

Therefore, for this #MelAndNikkiReview, we are rating the series and we give it 5 penalty kicks out of 5! 😉

These books are ideal for children between the ages of seven and 10. If you would like to purchase any of these books click on the links below.

Soccer School Season 1

Soccer School Season 2

Soccer School Season 3

About the Author & Illustrator

Alex Bellos

Alex writes about math, science, and soccer. He is the author of Futebol: The Brazilian Way of Life in addition to being the ghostwriter of soccer superstar Pele’s best selling autobiography. Alex Bellos lives in London.

Ben Lyttleton

Ben is a journalist, newscaster, and soccer consultant. He is the author of Twelve Yards: The Art and Psychology of the Perfect Penalty Kick. He lives in London.

Spike Gerrell

Spike is an illustrator and cartoonist whose work has been published in the Guardian, New Scientist, and the Independent. He lives in London.

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