5 Ways To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

What does your home say about you? When it comes to selling your home first impressions, if your home isn’t saying the right thing, then buyers won’t be hanging around to hear the rest of the conversation.

So how can you get your home to whisper sweet nothings to prospective buyers and get the sale for the best possible price? In the first instance, it comes down to curb appeal and what your home is projecting from the outside. If you can make a good impression on people coming to view your home in the first seven seconds, then you are starting as you mean to go on.


If you have fencing around the front of your property, you need to ensure it is in good condition, isn’t damaged, or looks worse for wear. Repair or replace the ensure the gate, if you have one, opens and closes. At the very least, give it a lick of paint to freshen it up so it looks good.


How healthy is the lawn around your property? An unkempt lawn can be extremely off-putting as it can be a big undertaking for new owners to revive once they move in. Give your yard a tidy, mow it, and remove any weeds or dead flowers if you have any flower beds. If your lawn isn’t looking its best or you don’t have one, and there should be a lawn, book a lawn installation before viewings commence to boost the curb appeal.

Tidy Up

Over time, you can become blind to anything left strewn about your property, meaning you simply become so accustomed to something being a certain way you see it as normal. Take a step back, look at your property from a different perspective, and see how you can tidy it up and make it look better. Remove old toys or tidy them away in a garage; remove rubbish build up and give pathways a good brush and clean; use a power washer to revive dirty outdoor flooring and make sure the windows, doors, and porch are also cleaned and tidied to help them look more attractive once the property goes up for sale.

Add Feature Lighting

This is especially important if you live in a timezone with limited daylight or are holding viewings over the winter period. Add lighting to doorways or pathways, include motion sensor lighting for darker spots or pathways around the house, and incorporate lighting into design elements.

Check The Roof

While you can’t see the roof from eye level or standing in front of your home if you approach from a distance, chances are you will see the roof, and any damage or build-up on the roof itself or in gutters will be visible to visitors. Check for anything that can be an issue, such as loose slates or holes; even overhanging branches that are touching the roof can be a potential issue. Make sure nothing can be a cause for concern, and everything looks clean and organized up top as well on the ground level.

The curb appeal of your home is one of the things that will draw people in when they come to view a house that is up for sale. If a home doesn’t look good on the outside, this will form an impression that the interior isn’t upkeep either. So get out and give the exterior of your property a good sorting out and make it look as good as possible.


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