What Are The Most Common Reasons Kids Struggle At School?

Are you worried that your child is struggling in school? There are numerous reasons why this can be an issue. By understanding the problems that your child can face, you can find the right solution to help them continue to progress the way that they should. 


It is possible that your child is being bullied. Research suggests that the vast majority of children will be bullied at some point before they reach the age of eighteen. The good news is that schools are now adopting a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullying. However, this is dependent on them recognizing that there’s an issue in the first place. Bullying is not always picked up on by schools and that’s why it’s important to ensure that you do maintain an open dialogue. They need to feel as though they can talk to you about problems like this.

Sensory Issues

Another key problem could be sensory issues. For instance, it’s possible that your child can’t see the front of the class or they may be struggling to hear the teacher when they are talking. Do bare in mind that a young child won’t always pick up on an issue like this. So, if you are worried about them falling behind or finding work difficult, then this should always be one of your first considerations. It’s also why it’s important to get your child tested regularly. For instance, they should have an appointment with an optician about once every year. 

Low Motivation 

Some children struggle to find the motivation that they need to succeed in school. According to parents such as Ghada Sadaka, one of the ways that you can handle this is by making sure that kids do have a reward system in place. This can be great if your child is struggling with homework or falling behind in the classroom. Rewards can be anything and don’t need to major. Even a little reward can be enough to push your child forward and ensure that they do stay focused at school. 


Finally, it could be that your child is misunderstanding lessons and points that the teacher is making. This is why you need to encourage your child to raise their hand and ask questions when necessary. It’s quite common for children to struggle here. You need to let them know that it’s okay for them to make mistakes and that they don’t need to worry about getting the answer wrong. Asking questions is more important because it will always help ensure that they are learning and growing their skills overtime. Part of this is going to be about ensuring that you are building up your child’s confidence

We hope this helps you understand some of the common and major reasons why kids can struggle at school and what you can do about this. By taking the right steps, you can ensure that you get your child back on track and ensure that they don’t fall behind the rest of their classmates. 


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