The Most Popular Types of Flowers to Send

Americans spent over $23 billion  on Valentine’s flowers this year, which shows how passionate we are about gifting blooms to loved ones.

The beauty about sending flowers is there’s one for every occasion, from cheering up a family member in the hospital or showering your spouse in love. But there’s an etiquette to follow so you’re not sending the wrong bloom. Luckily, once you understand the basics, you’re good to go.

Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the most popular types of flowers and you’re looking for inspiration. Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.


Red roses are the most popular kinds of flowers to show your partner or romantic interest that you care about them. But gifting red roses isn’t only for Valentine’s Day, you can send them anytime you want to express your romantic feelings.

It’s important to note the colors signify different meanings. For instance, yellow roses symbolize friendship while pink shows your admiration for someone. And if you’re only starting a relationship with someone, send them primroses to mark the beginning of something special.

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Anyone keen on sending flowers should understand the message behind tulips. These perennial blooms are the perfect springtime flower and instantly improve any bouquet. It’s also popular because of its elegant shape and array of color choices.

You can choose between red, yellow, and even pink. To adhere to flower etiquette, send tulips for a birthday or anniversary as they represent love in a light-hearted way.


If you’re not sure how to send flowers when someone is grieving, start with lilies. Although there are different species, we’re talking about the bloom with six petals that form a trumpet shape. A great characteristic about lilies is how long they last, especially compared to other cut flowers on this list.

It’s also a useful way to show your sympathy to a loved one, which is why lilies are present in most funerals.


Delivering flowers is an exciting experience so treat your friend or partner to a bouquet of sunflowers. There’s no great way to uplift someone than by giving them the cheeriest, brightest bloom available. Or, if you want to adhere to flower etiquette, sunflowers are often gifted during fall, especially at a Thanksgiving celebration.


There are many choices of daisies but the most common is a gerbera daisy. You can choose from a huge selection of colors and these are popular for representing cheerfulness. Because of this, send a bouquet of daisies to a new partner or a way to celebrate a budding friendship.


Hydrangeas are distinctive, thanks to their large balls comprised of tiny, elegant buds. Although these flowers are traditionally blue or white, most florists have multiple colors to choose from so you can create a dramatic bouquet. Most people gift hydrangeas as a “get well soon” gift or to say “congratulations.”


If your loved one isn’t a fan of roses, then show you love them with carnations. These are around the same size and have a delicate appearance, making them perfect for celebrations. White carnations have become the flower of Mother’s Day as it represents a mother’s undying love for her children.


Aside from being Wales’ national flower, daffodils make a great gift to celebrate rebirth and hope. These spring blooms represent life as they’ve survived the harsh winters. And because they are bright yellow, flower enthusiasts send daffodils to cheer up their loved ones.


Orchids mark many occasions such as weddings, Valentine’s Day, and wedding anniversaries. People often gift orchids as they symbolize large families, especially ones with children. This bloom has also become a favorite as they are colorful and fragrant, making them a wonderful addition to any home.


One look at a poinsettia bouquet and you know it’s Christmas. Poinsettias are famous for their bright red appearance and elegant upper leaves. But aside from their striking appearance, poinsettias were used to make red dye and controlled fevers in ancient times.

Black-Eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susans are North America’s most famous perennial wildflower. Although you mostly spot this bloom in meadows, they are a great addition to a bouquet for your friend to celebrate their achievement. Or, if your friend is down, uplift them with a mix of sunflowers and black-eyed Susan for a cheerful gift.


Hailing from Eurasia, asters are one-inch long and come in blue, purple, and pink. The word “aster” translates to “star” in Greek, which explains its unique appearance. You can either send asters on a September birthday or celebrate a wedding anniversary.


Got a friend who is getting married? Then, peonies are the bloom for you.

Peonies are loved for their large size and fragrance, regardless of which color you choose. But if you’re gifting a bouquet for a wedding, ask beforehand if they have a particular color scheme so it doesn’t look loud. Peonies are associated with weddings as it symbolizes a happy relationship, prosperity, and good fortune.

Know the Most Popular Types of Flowers Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know the most popular types of flowers available.

There are blooms to fit every occasion so send sunflowers, asters, or black-eyed Susans to brighten up someone’s day. You can also gift romantic interest roses, pink carnations, and tulips to show your true feelings. Good luck!

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