Hooked on Daddy Card Craft

Father’s Day is approaching and you may start wondering what can you do for dad. A handmade gift is always appreciated and much loved. I remember making crafts for my dad (many, many moons ago) and my dad loved them. He kept them too which made us feel extra special!

For the dad who loves fishing we have a great idea that is also fun to make. Here is how we made a “Hooked on Daddy!” card.

Hooked on Daddy

Materials Needed
  • Card Stock Paper or Construction Paper
  • Cupcake liners
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Popsicle stick
  • Small pom pom
  • Googly eyes
  • String
  • First pick the colors you want to use in your craft. You would need a colour for your card and another color for the water background. We used card stock to make it a stronger card.
  • Take the card stock for the card and fold it in half. Then with the other paper cut it in half and then you can cut waves at the top to five the wave look. *We recommend parents do the wave cutting for the little ones. Once you have your water cut out, glue it to the front of the card.
  • It is time to add your fish! We thought this idea was neat and used cupcake liners. Pick two different colours for your fish. The one for the body, try to make it flat. Be careful as cupcake liners are fragile. 😉 Then, we cut a bit off the edge of the liner as we used it as the seaweed. We only cut one layer.
  • With the other color of cupcake liner, cut out the tail and fin. Then glue the body and seaweed to the front of the card. You can then add the tail and fin. Don’t forget to glue the googly eye and we added a smiling smile.
  • We used a popsicle stick and added a string at the end of it. Then we glued it in a slant at the top of the front of the card.  Once it is glued, we added pom poms to the end of the string as we do need to catch the fish. 😉
  • Lastly, add “Hooked on Daddy!” above the popsicle stick. Inside the card, you can draw or write a message of your choice to make dad feel extra special.

There you have it! Let dad know how hooked you are and he will love it!

We would love to see your creations. Use hashtag #MelAndNikkiCrafts to be featured on our social media!

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

Momma Braga


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