Speak & Learn Puppy Is A Child’s Best Friend

“Speak & Learn Puppy is absolutely pawdorable! It will make a perfect best friend for your child as they play and learn alongside LeapFrog’s new addition, Bailey.” – Momma Braga

Speak & Learn Puppy™

Talk and play with the plush puppy that talks back and teaches about numbers, letters and emotions with cute, flapping ears.

Unleash your puppy love for the plush Speak & Learn Puppy! Watch your little friend come to life with flapping ears, a head that moves, and real-time responses. As toddlers learn to talk, this interactive dog repeats what they say and asks questions to keep the conversation going. Bailey says what your child says in a fun and interactive way in Babble mode. In Talk mode, the puppy has conversations with children and creates stories from their responses. Explore animal facts, animal sounds, food, feelings, letters and numbers through four paw buttons and a light-up collar. Multiple songs and encourage learning, and three learning levels allow the toy to grow with your children as their language skills develop. Talk and learn with Bailey!

Feature Highlights

There are so many amazing features of the Speak & Learn Puppy that your little one will just adore. Here are some of the highlights.

Make Sounds in Babble Mode

Bailey repeats the sounds and words your child says in a fun, interactive way. Press the Babble Button to activate this feature to talk back and forth with the toy. Explore all the ways Bailey talks and responds by repeatedly pushing the Babble Button and playing along.

Speak with Talk Mode

The puppy talks back and forth with your child and turns their replies into stories. Press the Talk Button to activate this feature to answer questions and create fun stories. By using the Learning Level Selector will change the interactions which is amazing for your growing and learning child.

Reinforce Learning with Music Mode

Listen to songs and music that teach about letters, numbers and emotions.

Watch the Puppy Respond

Bailey flaps her ears and moves her head in response to your child’s speaking and repeats back what she hears.

Learn Across Three Levels

Grow-with-me Bailey repeats sounds and words, asks questions and creates stories with your child. Slide the Learning Level Selector to level 1,2, or 3 to select the learning level to use with the Talk Button. Bailey interacts with your child by repeating what is said, asking questions and using your child’s responses to build a short story.


Speak & Learn Puppy is the perfect toy for your little one. They say a dog is a man’s best friend and I will say that Bailey is a child’s best friend. We absolutely love Leap Frog’s Speak & Learn Puppy as it offers everything and more for learning and fun. It encourages conversation by repeating what your child says in an amusing and playful voice. It develops skills in ABCs; Feelings and Emotions; First Words and Phrases; Language Development; and Numbers.

We put Bailey to the ultimate test as Nikki introduced Bailey to her cousin who is two years old and it was extremely well received. Adriana saw the puppy and her eyes immediately glowed with pure happiness and she was in awe seeing Bailey interact with her. Nikki showed all the amazing features to her younger cousin to which had Adriana excited to play.

The feature that had Adriana the best was the Babble feature as she loved having Bailey copy all her words. Nikki’s favourite feature is the music mode as she loved singing along. My favourite feature is the love that brought into the lives of the little ones. Seeing both children interact and engage with Bailey was amazing and truly warmed my heart. It is a win-win for every parent with all the learning one would want for their child.

Nikki posing with her new best friend, Bailey the Speak & Learn Puppy

For this #MelAndNikkiReview we give the Speak & Learn Puppy 10 barks out of 5! This pawdorable toy will make the perfect gift for a child ages one to three. Bailey has truly pulled at our heartstrings and we know she will be very loved by all.

If you would like to purchase Speak & Learn Puppy, click here.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

*Please note that this product was provided in exchange of an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own.

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