Top Ten Reasons to Continue Taking Swimming Lessons in the Summer!

We adore swimming in our household and it is something that our daughter, Nikki, has enjoyed even more since taking classes at Aqua-Tots Swim Schools. We always felt that swimming was an important life skill to learn and we found it necessary for our daughter to learn them in a comfortable and safe setting.

With Summer making its way to our door, it is the best time to get swimming lessons a try if you haven’t already! 😉 The experts at Aqua-Tots believe continuing swimming lessons throughout the summer is very important because it’s the season where children will likely be near bodies of water even more often.

Here are the top ten reasons why summer swimming lessons are important.

1. Life Skill

Swimming is a life skill that should be practiced all year long because water is everywhere and safety isn’t seasonal.

2. Stay Connected

It is a great way to stay connected with your swimming friends and coaches!

3. Active

We all know active busy bodies need to burn energy! Taking swimming lessons during the summer is a great way to stay physically active and cool off course! 😉

4. Water Smart

Staying water smart is important, especially in the summer season. Learning key water safety skills during the summer break is especially important when water sources, such as backyard pools and lakes, become even more accessible in the summer!

Learn at Aqua-Tots and then practice those skills (with direct adult supervision) on your summer family get-away!

5. Fresh Skills

Keep your skills fresh! Build on the skills and confidence your child has been developing during the winter and spring, and avoid regression. Continuing with swimming lessons encourages those muscles to build memory of water-smart skills!

6. New Skills

Develop new skills in the summer and show them off to all your friends. Make a splash at the next pool party!

7. Fast-Track Program

Summer programs should be built around your family’s needs and planned vacation! You can book the Aqua-Tots Fast-Track program for any week throughout July and August, and at your convenience. Propel your child’s learning into the fast lane with the fast track program! It will boost your kiddo’s swim ability in a shorter-period of time. The program consists of 4 swim lessons offered over 4 days, Monday through Thursday. It’s like taking a month’s worth of lessons in under 1 week!

We personally love the Fast-Track program and have seen first hand the many benefits it has on a child.

8. Confidence

In addition to being one of the few sports in which swimmers use muscles from head to toe, swimming inspires self-confidence.

9. Practice makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect, but in swimming there really is no such thing as perfect. By attending year-round swimming lessons, swimmers have a chance to consistently refine their swim technique in all the major strokes.

10. FUN!

Swimming is a fun activity to do especially in the summer as it helps you to cool down, it’s super relaxing and enjoyable!

To help you get the most out of summer, in addition to swim lessons, Aqua-Tots Burlington will offer 3 Family Swims during the week all summer long! All family swims are open to all ages and are free with the membership.

There you have it! Our top ten reasons why continuing taking swimming lessons throughout the summer is important.

Build, refine and stay cool this summer with Aqua-Tots. Make sure to check them out at the Burlington location to get started.

Until next…Just keep swimming! 😉

-Momma Braga

*Special thank you to Aqua-Tots for sharing the top tips for the summer season!



This article is a paid partnership with Aqua-Tots Swim Schools. Views and opinions expressed here belong to Momma Braga.

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