What To Do When Your Infant’s Teeth Start Coming Through

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As a new mum, you want to get all areas covered with your little one. When your baby is still in infancy, it’s just as important to get into a good dental routine and know the best ways to care for your little one’s gums and teeth.

This article will discuss some great things you can do and be prepared for when your baby’s teeth start to come in. It’s crucial as their dental health early on in their life will set the strong foundation for their permanent teeth in the future. So practical tips for best care are great to know as a parent.

If you are uncertain and still want professional help, you can seek consultation from a dentist St. Peters parents go to such as the Sydney Park Dental. They have specialist knowledge on how to best deal with and care for your infant’s dental health.

Infant Dental Tips Every Mom Needs to Know


  • Start care even before you know your baby is teething.

You should start to clean your little one’s mouth before you see teeth coming through. This should involve wiping gums with a clean and warm washcloth that is slightly damp. If you aren’t comfortable with the cloth then you can always try soft rubbery devices that go on your finger to get rid of any food still remaining after your child’s finished eating.


  • Never leave a bottle in your baby’s mouth at bedtime.

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If your baby needs a bottle to help soothe them at night, they should never be allowed to keep it there overnight. Doing so for a long time can expose the baby to sugar from the milk and over a longer period of time, cause decay on their first set of teeth. So, avoid juice or milk for long periods of time at night.


  • Drink earlier at night.

Among important tips to remember for baby tooth care is to try and avoid giving them a drink before bed unless they are thirsty. This will help teeth and gums remain clean whilst they sleep overnight.


  • Don’t be afraid to book a paediatric dentist.

Specialist knowledge from the professionals can go a long way. If you have been delaying the visit, going will really put your mind at ease and help your child’s teeth from the get-go. It’s recommended to visit a paediatric dentist once every 6 months.

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Your baby’s dental health should be a solid priority to you as a new parent. Doing so can be essential to your children’s dental health later down the line and ensure they have a strong set of teeth coming through when the time comes. So, book in any missed appointments and tend to your baby’s gums right from the start to get the best results.






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