In Nature’s Embrace: 6 Simple Tips for Making Your Backyard More Private

Lucky homeowners who live in rural areas or on large plots far from neighbors have a measure of built-in privacy. However, those with homes in cities or neighborhoods with houses built close together often feel that anyone can peer into their backyards. Living close to another home can also mean having a clear view of a poorly tended yard or one littered with unsightly materials. Fortunately, landscaping and fencing professionals offer a variety of ways to make yards more private, block unwanted views, and create beauty.

1) Enhance a Professionally Installed Fence

Many homeowners create a more private space by arranging to have contractors install wood, metal, or vinyl fences. Contractors help clients select the best styles and materials for their goals. For example, when customers get services from Illinois Fence Company, experts can show them wood fencing that increases curb appeal as well as vinyl styles that mimic the look of wood. Once fences are installed, owners can use their creativity to enhance them. Some people plant flowers at the base of fences, paint them an eye-catching color or hang planters on boards.

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2) Grow a Living Fence

While most people associate fencing with wood or metal, it is possible to enclose a yard using plants. Bob Villa points out that hedges have been used to create privacy for centuries, and they offer attractive benefits. Homeowners can choose the plants they want to grow into hedges. It is effortless to reach the ideal height. If hedges are too short, just let them grow. If plants get too tall, they are easy to trim.

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3) Create a Personal Enclave

When it is not possible to fence off a yard, building a private outdoor space can be a terrific compromise. Homeowners may choose to create an elegant walled-in enclosure or use a slatted design that obstructs the view without creating a feeling of being closed in outdoors. Experts writing for The Spruce suggest designing a nook with open-pattern walls and plants that increase privacy.

4) Design a Multi-Purpose Wall

When the object is to block the view of an eyesore, an attractive wall does the job and can serve other purposes. For example, when space is at a minimum, a lovely cedar wall with sockets for plants creates privacy and becomes an architectural element. Build it next to a backyard patio to form a serene outdoor dining space. One or two bamboo walls can be the perfect beginnings of a tropical retreat.

5) Add a Pergola

Build a pergola to add some privacy without obstructing stunning views. A basic pergola doesn’t block views as well as walls or hedges but will make it harder to see what’s going on. Adding plants can also increase the sense of seclusion.

6) Build a Trellis and Add Climbing Plants

A favorite trick of landscape designers is to use climbing plants to create walls of color. Combined with a trellis, a climbing plant can also add privacy. Most climbing plants grow quickly and fill in trellis spaces, creating a fresh, lovely natural wall that blocks prying eyes. Trellises have the benefit of interrupting sightlines without preventing breezes from circulating in outdoor areas.

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There are dozens of ways to make backyards more private using both traditional fencing and more creative options. They include adding hedges, trellises, and climbing plants. A wall with room for plants can provide privacy, as can a pergola.

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