Leaving No Stone Unturned: 3 Risks and Consequences of Failing to Remove a Tree Stump

On occasion, a tree grows in the wrong place or gets old and diseased. Trees can also be destroyed by bad storms. Whatever the cause, some trees become a danger and must be removed. Tree removal involves more than cutting down a tree and hauling it away. Once the tree is gone, the tree stump must be dealt with. If this stump is left in place, it can cause hazards and inconvenience.

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Stump Removal Importance and Methods

Good tree removal companies such as Tucker Enterprise cut down the tree and haul away all the debris and then use special stump grinding machinery to get rid of the stump. This step costs a little extra but is well worth the investment. The tree they removed was probably hazardous and needed to be removed. The stump presents another hazard. When the stump is removed, healthier grass can grow, and tripping hazards are removed. Stumps are not easy to remove, and older methods could cause damage to the landscape that then needed to be fixed.

Older methods of stump removal included using explosives or wrapping a chain around the stump and pulling it out with a truck or other heavy equipment. Some people attempted to dig the stump out. All of these methods were time- and labor-intensive and had risks. The new stump grinding equipment makes short work of stumps as they are ground down to four to six inches below ground level. The resulting stump grindings can be used as garden mulch or the homeowner can pay to have it hauled away.

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3 Risks of Failing to Remove Stumps

It is tempting to save money and live with the stump, hoping it will rot away over time. But there are three main risks to leaving stumps in place.

  1. That stump left in place can sprout new growth with small unwanted trees growing around the stump. These trees can be cut off but will keep growing back unless permanent steps are taken to get rid of their roots.
  2. The stump is going to be an eyesore and take up space the homeowner might want for other purposes, such as flower beds or yard furniture. The tree stump will be inconvenient to maneuver around when lawn mowing.
  3. That tree stump can present a tripping hazard or damage the lawnmower. In addition, the tree stump can attract insects as it decays. These include beetles, termites, ants, and other wood-boring pests. It would be very expensive if the termites migrated from the tree stump to the house.
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The Advantages of Removing Tree Stumps

The advantages of removing tree stumps outweighs the costs of the removal. When that unsightly stump is ground down and away, there will be additional space in the yard for other purposes. The yard will be safer and more attractive with no stumps. And, most importantly, the yard will be safer to use with the tripping hazard gone. Avoiding the invasion of pests and insects that feed on decaying tree stumps is also important. If there is no money to grind the stump of a tree being cut down now, the stump grinder can always come back when there is money in the budget for the job. If you’ve got questions or need a stump removed, contact the experts today.

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  1. It’s interesting to learn that stumps can sprout new trees if it’s not taken down. I just got down a smaller tree in my front yard and the stump is still showing. To avoid any future problems, I will have to hire a company to cut down the stump completely.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read our post and we are delighted that you found it interesting!

  2. It never would have occurred to me that old tree stumps can attract insects like ants and termites. I would imagine that termites will move over to your home once they finish destroying the stump. You wouldn’t want termites eating your home because that could result in them destroying the entire thing.

    1. Hi Henry, Thank you so much for taking the time to read our article and for your comment. It never occurred to us too and we are glad we were able to share it 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing this! We are updating our landscape and have been debating trying to remove an old stump or not. After reading your post, I think we’re going to find somebody to remove it. I’m tired of the tripping hazard haha I actually think our dumpster rental guy might know somebody so hopefully he can get us a referral quick. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read our article and all the best with the removal 🙂

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