Common Gate Repairs to Look Out For

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The main gates to your property are obviously very important, and not just for security reasons, as the gating is a major aesthetic feature of the front elevation. Like anything else, gates do require maintenance, and with that in mind, here are some of the common gating repairs you might encounter, along with effective solutions.

  • Lack of Lubrication – All gates need regular lubrication to ensure smooth operation, especially the tracking and bearings, which, if not greased regularly, will soon break down. If your front gates have seen better days, you might want to look into the cost of electric gates residential properties have, and this can be done by carrying out an online search to find a local gate supplier. Once you have made contact, they will send an expert to view your property and make some design suggestions.


  • Cold Weather Issues – The freezing weather can cause gating problems, as freezing can cause electric motor issues, which can render the gates inoperable, at least until the ice thaws out. Sprays can be used to make the tracking usable by thawing out the ice and should be used prior to opening or closing the gates. There are informative articles that reviews motorised gating options, which might help you with your selection.


  • Metal Tracking Issues – If dirt or grime builds up along the main metal tracking rail, this could cause the gate to stop, and the tracking should be regularly cleaned, thus ensuring there are no obstructions. This is something you can do, checking that the tracking is clean and free of any debris.


  • Remote Control Issues – These can be frequent, with batteries running out of power, and should a remote control become wet, this could render it useless. However, the gate supplier would be able to supply you with a replacement remote control unit. It is easy to lose a remote unit and a replacement can be ordered.


  • Motor Failure – This is very rare, as the motors that power electric gates are guaranteed for 5 years. However, should there be any issues, the supplier would arrange for a replacement to be fitted, which would usually be free of charge.


If the gates to your property are old, it might be wiser to replace rather than repair, and a quick online search will help you find a local electric gate supplier who would be happy to quote for the project. There are several designs that might suit your property, with many extras like an intercom and remote-control access, and it is only by calling out an expert that you can examine all your options.

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If your gates are in need of repair, the first people to call are those who installed the gates, as they know the system well and should be able to pinpoint the fault. If your gates are designed and installed by experts, there’s very little that can go wrong if they are serviced at regular intervals.

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