Tips and Ideas for Fireplace Mantle Decoration

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When revamping your living room, there are obviously many things to consider, and the fireplace mantle will require some careful thought. Very much a central feature, the fireplace feature offers many opportunities, and with that in mind, here are a few tips and ideas on mantle decoration to give you a little inspiration.


  • Make Good Use of Wall Art – This is a great idea, and if you place a couple of prints on either side of the mantle, this will give the fireplace some balance. This is also a chance to add a touch of bright colour into the room, in fact, some people like to make the fireplace wall an art wall, which looks ideal with the right antique overmantle mirror. Wall art also adds texture and depth to the room, and with many online suppliers, you can browse until you find something ideal. A pair of old oil paintings in ornate frames would really add that finishing touch, and with a couple of very small LED spots, you can feature the paintings.


  • Antique Mirrors – Regardless of style, an antique overmantle mirror could take pride of place, and with a leading UK antique dealer that has a fine selection of overmantle mirrors for sale, you can browse in the comfort of your own home. Victorian or Edwardian mantle mirrors certainly add style and character to any living room, and you might want to choose something that is wider than your mantle, which will make the room look a little larger than it actually is. It is important to select a mirror that is proportionate to the room, and by taking accurate measurements, you can browse the selection of fine antique mirrors that the online antique dealer has to offer. Make sure that the mirror is placed with an adequate spacing from the mantle, which should never be less than 4 inches.

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  • Consider Candles – A couple of antique candelabras made from wrought iron adds that finishing touch to any mantle, and you can light them in the winter evenings for that added glow. There are established online antique dealers that are based in the UK, and they would have a large selection of antique and vintage candelabras at very affordable prices.


  • Unused Fireplaces – In the event you don’t use the fire, there are a number of ways to improve the feature, and that fire hearth could also be a great spot for some art, and even though they aren’t needed, some brass fireplace tools can take pride of place on either side.

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If your decor is modern or contemporary, an antique overmantle mirror would be an excellent addition, and it will make a room look and feel more spacious. Another thing to consider is lighting, as this will have an effect on how the room looks in the evenings. LED offers you far more choices that the traditional incandescent bulbs, and your lighting should focus on the fireplace, which is, after all, the centrepiece of the room.

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