Choosing Accommodation In Alice Springs

Image by Helen K via flickr

Many travellers come through the Northern Territory, and a lot of them will stop off at Alice Springs as they pass their way through. Because so many tourists come to this area, the tourism numbers fund the growth of the city, resulting in better facilities on offer to tourists, and a wider variety of different accommodation on offer. What this leads to is a market that can cater to any budget and taste, and let visitors to Australia see a truly iconic part of the country.

Apartment For Rent

Along with the plenty of things available for you to see and do in Alice Springs, you can also find a large selection of apartments for short-term rental when you visit this town, and this is usually like staying in a home away from home. All the facilities you need to cater for yourself, as well as a few mod cons to give you some comfort. Many websites are offering this type of accommodation for rent short term, but do check the location of the property before booking, as they tend to be further away from facilities.

A Wide Variety Of Hotels & Hostels

There is plenty of accommodations in the hotel and hostel range of the spectrum. You can stay in relative luxury at one of the more expensive hotels, or you can stay with fellow travellers in a hostel and maybe make new friends on your travels.

Caravan Parks

If you decide to travel in your campervan or drive and camp in a tent, there are also options available to you. The Alice Springs accommodation Caravan Park will have provides all of the facilities that you need for a reasonable charge, including water, electric and also shower facilities.

Farm Stays

If you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, then you can even consider a farm stay and share accommodation with a local family. If it is a working farm, you may even be able to pay for your room and board through labour, especially if you have the skills that they need. You can also meet other people doing something similar to work their way around Australia and be able to provide for themselves.

Holiday Houses

You may also wish to consider renting a holiday home for your visit to Alice Springs and be able to enjoy a comfortable home, some even with private swimming pools. If you want to be able to cook for yourself, you have that option, or you can venture out into town and see what culinary delights are on offer.

Bed & Breakfast

If you are not overly bothered about what type of accommodation you stay in, you could opt for a simple bed and breakfast which is usually comfortable enough, although often can be simple. However, you can also meet some lovely local people in these types of establishments who can share all kinds of local secrets about the best places to go in Alice Springs.

No matter what type of accommodation you decide to stay in when you visit Alice Springs or take an Uluru tour, the one thing that is sure is that there is no lack of choices!


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