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For those who love to travel, Mongolia won’t be far off their list, especially for those who are planning to experience getting on board the Trans Siberian train. This oval-shaped, landlocked nation situated between China and Russia is among the last few locations where nomadic way of living is still in tradition.

Amazing Mongolia

Although many of the foreigners visiting Mongolia for the first time are inspired to travel to this beautiful country by what they have read about Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire, and his grandson Kublai Khan, others just appreciate superb scenery. People planning to go on one of the well-organised Trans Siberian train trips involving a stop at Mongolia would be well-advised to do some reading on the many interesting facts about this East Asian sovereign state. Trans Siberian trippers dying to know more about the things to do and see in breath-taking Mongolia can look for browse the internet for some information regarding this landlocked nation. Fortunately, for people interested in facts about Mongolia, there are some great websites providing well-researched articles on this awe-inspiring country.

There are certainly plenty of great things to do in Mongolia including the following:

  • Stay in a Ger (traditional nomadic home)
  • Ride a camel in the Gobi Desert
  • Sleep in a magnificent monastery
  • Try a glass or two of Airag (fermented horse milk)
  • Experience one of Mongolia’s Olympics Styled festivals
  • Go skiing in the Altai mountains

By putting in a few hours or so researching the many things to experience in Mongolia, which is sandwiched between Russia and China, trippers stopping there during a Trans Siberian train tour may be able to find out which things they can do on their trip.

Scenic Route

Travellers who are lucky enough to have visited some of the world’s most enchanting countries are likely to still be hugely impressed by what Mongolia has got to offer when travelling there for the first time.

Affectionately known as “The Land of Eternal Blue Sky”, Mongolia is heaven on earth for travellers who are driven by their quest to witness the more fascinating scenery around the globe. Of course, a good way to get around anywhere would be to have a local map of the area we are in. Websites saying you can check out this Trans Siberian railway map tend to be amongst the better companies operating in this particular travel niche. If we would like to learn more about the geographical location of Mongolia with regards to Russia and China, it should not be an issue finding a site featuring a suitable map. Indeed, these exciting trips can be so much more rewarding if we have carried out the kind of research that helps us to know exactly where we are as we travel down the route to Mongolia.

Visa Requirements

Anyone with experience travelling to far-flung places will appreciate how getting through paperwork for visas to some of these regions can be a bit arduous at times. However, by learning more about the visa requirements for Mongolia, folks that will be stopping there whilst on a Trans Siberian train trip should be able to deal with this process without any issues. Indeed, well-prepared travellers on their way to Ulaanbaatar after departing from Ulan-Ude are bound to get through the immigration process very easily. Moreover, by reading some of the blogs written by people who have gone through this procedure, it will become clear just how friendly and cooperative the Mongolian immigration officials are.

By all accounts, the capital of Mongolia is a fusion of western characteristics and traditional features of East Asia. Therefore, walking around a city like Ulaanbaatar with high-rise buildings interspersed with yurts must be a very interesting experience indeed. In fact, there is no wonder that many of the people who visit Mongolia for the first time whilst on a Trans Siberian tour will return as soon as they possibly can.

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