Handmade Growth Chart Is A Cherished Treasure To Last A Lifetime

Happy New Year to all my amazing readers and fans from all over the world! I wish everyone a prosperous and great New Year filled with lots of love and happiness.

I am excited to start off 2018 with a #MelandNikkiReview on a product that we love and think that your family would love too!

Back in October, I wrote about a kidpreneur who is making a difference through his business, The Nice Bench Co.

As a quick refresher, The Nice Bench Co. is a kids’ furniture + accessories brand dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations who help lead the fight against pediatric cancer which is a cause very close to their heart and home.

I completely fell in love with this business for what they are doing to help others but also fell in love with the fact that the founder is Owen and he is nine years of age making a difference. Did I mention that he makes the products?! I was impressed to say the least!

Now I am one that practices what I preach and had to order a product myself to see it first hand.

We have always wanted a growth chart to document our daughter’s height each year but have never seen anything that we felt would be kept. Until we saw them featured on Owen’s business site.

It was simple to order online and we got to choose the background colour and the scale and numbering colour. Before we knew it, our growth chart arrived. It was neatly wrapped and well protected.

Once we unwrapped the growth chart, we were automatically impressed with the craftsmanship and the fact that a kidpreneur had created it.

The growth chart in Nikki’s room before we hung it up.

We were excited to hang it up on our wall (please note that the growth chart does not come with screws or any type of hanging material. You will need to do this on your own). We thought about the best place to put up the growth chart and we decided that the inside of Nikki’s closet was the best place. This way it can be a place that Nikki can always go to see her progression and it would never get in the way of her “style” as she grows with her room design. 😉 I had my handy dad who came over to hang the growth chart using two nails to the wall. It was very simple to do.

We decided that Christmas Day would be our annual measurement day to see how much she has grown each and every year. Of course, you can measure your child at any time as there is no specified guideline on when to do it. I know most families like to measure on the milestone birthday but we just couldn’t wait another nine months to check.

Christmas Day arrived and we excitedly told Nikki it was time to check how tall she was. Nikki was just as excited as we were to see how tall she was. She stood tall in front of the growth chart and we measured. Nikki then looked behind to see what the result was and said, “Oh! I’m tall momma!”

Now we wait until Christmas Day again to see how much a year has grown. We just love being able to document her growth on such a beautiful art piece in our home.

We give the growth chart from The Nice Bench Co. 5+++ Gold Stars out of 5. The ease of ordering, the beautiful options available, the craftsmanship and the care are all reasons why we love it. It even got Grandpa Braga’s stamp of approval which is really difficult as he has high standards for anything made out of wood (carpenter by trade). So this is how you know it is great! 😉

If you are looking for a great way to document your child’s growth with a keepsake to last forever, then we highly recommend the growth chart at The Nice Bench Co.  Make sure to check out the other great products that they have available too as everything is of great quality.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

– Momma Braga

* Please note that this is not a paid or sponsored post.

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