Lily’s Legacy At Work

Many of you may recall my recent blog on the loss of our beloved cat, Lily. If not, please feel free to read this heart touching story by clicking here.

Part of our story was to take our tragic loss and turn it into something positive, hence the start of Lily’s Legacy. Our goal was to raise money to help other animals that need a second chance in life. Lily got her second chance and now it was our turn to pay it forward. The charity that we picked that we know Lily would have loved is called, Companion Animal Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.) in Mississauga.

C.A.R.E. is devoted to the rescue of stray, abandoned, injured, orphaned cats and dogs, with special emphasis on feral cats. They are volunteer-run, and are dependent on public donations to fund programs. They do not have a shelter facility but run a network of foster homes.

Rescued animals are immediately brought to veterinarians where they are checked and treated for internal and external parasites, treated for any injuries and/or illnesses, vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Cats are tested for Feline Leukemia and F.I.V.; and dogs are tested for Heartworm and put on preventive programs.
We were thrilled to have raised $835 in support of this great organization and our campaign will remain open until April 1st as this would have been Lily’s 13th birthday. Therefore, there is still time to contribute to this campaign and make a difference.
When we make donations we always wonder what difference or impact it has made and I am thrilled to see the donations at work already through Lily’s Legacy. Here is the story of Kali and her kittens.
Kali had two kittens outside in the cold weather and she was brought into a Sales Office in Caledon. There were a couple of wonderful women that worked there who were feeding the strays that came their way and they reached out to any resources that they felt could help them.
By the time C.A.R.E. became involved, one of Kali’s kittens, Kristy, had been picked up and taken into the care of another rescue around Christmas time (and was adopted almost immediately!).
Anna, one of the wonderful ladies, was having difficulty finding rescues who could afford to take in Kali without her being vetted already (spaying, vaccinations, etc.); and unfortunately C.A.R.E. was in the same boat, until Lily’s Legacy.
Anna was also experiencing difficulty catching Kali and her other kitten, Kennedy. But that all changed shortly after Anna found out that C.A.R.E. was now able to afford vetting and make arrangements with Dr. Mann at the Animal Hospital Port Credit (who was also Lily’s amazing vet) to take Kali and Kennedy once they were caught.
Kali and Kennedy have now visited Dr. Mann and are staying with Anna until C.A.R.E. can find them a forever home.
Due to the generous donations to Lily’s Legacy this mother and her kitten can now have a second chance at a forever home. They received the proper vet care and are now living in a foster home until that special family adopts them. We are so touched to hear the impact the donation dollars have already done and we look forward in hearing more success stories!
We received a little note from C.A.R.E. stating the following: “On behalf of Anna, Kali, Kennedy, and everyone at C.A.R.E., thank you very much for sharing Lily’s light in an otherwise dark time in your lives.”
We are truly touched that we can keep Lily’s memory alive by helping this beautiful family and we are truly thankful to everyone who donated to this special cause! This would not have been possible without all of you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
– Momma Braga

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