Valentine’s Day

I have never been a Valentine’s Day type of person as I never felt that I needed a designated day to tell the ones I love that I appreciated them. I always felt it was important to tell my loved ones how much they mean to me as much as I can. Of course in reality, we do forget to tell people how much they mean to us on a daily basis but I know that we do try our very best.

So here we are at another Valentine’s Day and this year we celebrated it together as a family. We didn’t put pressure to buy each other anything but my husband did surprise me with some chocolates and a nice top. However, when my husband gave me the gifts he stated that it wasn’t a Valentine’s Day gift but a thank you gift for all that I do with our daughter. This was such a special gesture and his words meant more to me than any gift could give me. Don’t get me wrong as I truly did enjoy my chocolates! But his words of appreciation and the love behind it, truly made my day. Of course, our daughter Nikki got some chocolates from daddy and I got her a stuffed giraffe in which she picked herself (Side note: Never ask your toddler to pick out a toy themselves. They WILL pick the biggest one they see).12705276_892312824199847_2191392255874550053_n As a way to treat my family today, we got lunch at our favourite place to eat, Saucy Kytchen.  The rest of the day we just spent together as a family and really this is the only thing I could ever ask for. Why not spend the day with the two people that I love the most?! So really today didn’t feel out of the ordinary (even though we don’t get gifts for one another all the time) but it felt nice just to be with one another. We do remember to say, I Love You, every single day. We know how much we do for one another and appreciate all the little things even if we don’t say it all the time.

In our home, Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for us to get Nikki some little items that make her smile from ear to ear. Seeing her smile lights up our day and life. Just seeing her grow is the best gift we could ever ask for and as she continues to grow we will show her how every day is a day to say “I Love You”.

So whether you love it or hate it, just remember to try and love the people around you. Even if you forget to let them know every day, use today as your friendly reminder. Today can be the day to just say, “I appreciate all and everything that you do.” I can guarantee that it will surely make their day.

My family and I will continue to love and appreciate one another, no matter what day it is 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day my friends!

– Momma Braga



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