Happy 2016!

Happy New Year everyone and welcome 2016! I want to first thank all of my followers for all your love and support in 2015 as it is truly appreciated. It has been a rollercoaster year with many ups and downs; however, they were filled with lots of love and no regrets.

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with family and friends and kept it low key. We went out for dinner and then came back home to countdown to 2016. Our Nikki was a trooper and managed to stay up until midnight. It was great to ring in the New Year together as a family and reflect on what we were grateful for this past year.

Here we are waiting to countdown to the new year.
Here we are waiting to countdown to the New Year.

There are many things to be grateful for this past year and one is our Nikki who brings us an array of emotions and many adventures into our lives. We could not see life without her, even though we have more sleepless nights than we would ever want……She is everything to us! Her love for cuddles and smile that melts our hearts every time, are all qualities that we adore and could not live without. We are also grateful for health, our family and friends and very grateful for my hard working husband. My husband works very hard to support our family and I am truly thankful for that. I am also grateful for having the opportunity to be a contributor to the Baby Spot which is an online global baby magazine. They have been amazing and very supportive! Follow them to see the latest on Momma Braga and some other amazing writers. 2016 promises to be a great year!

With a New Year, comes resolutions and I personally try not to make any or too many of them as I know I will not follow through. This way by keeping it simple, it leaves very little room for disappointment on my end. However, this year there is one thing that I want to do and that is to be an even better mom to Nikki. I think we all strive to be better at what we do and that is what makes us excel. Therefore, this year I will be embracing, teaching and enjoying my toddler much more. I will be turning off any negative outside influences and continue to focus on creating a positive environment for my daughter to grow and learn. I will try to do new and fun activities that we both can enjoy together. These are the most important years of her life and I have a chance to be there for her. Being a better mom will make me a better me and that is what I am striving for this year.

I have always heard that the toddler years are the most challenging ones but I think it can also be the most entertaining ones as well. Nikki is a mini version of her father and I, which must be entertaining! She does have her very own BIG personality that is already shining through but at the same time I see many qualities from us in her. It makes it very entertaining to watch and now I can write about them which will help keep my mind active. Let the Nikki adventures begin!

– Momma Braga

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