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Heartfelt Thank You For The Honor From The 2017 Blogger of The Year

2017 has been an exciting year to say the least for me as Momma Braga with the amazing honor of being named the Blogger of the Year by the Baby Spot.

I was humbled by receiving this prestigious title by The Baby Spot as to me it was the highest honor. The Baby Spot does something much more different than the typical parenting magazines that you see out there. They provide fresh, unique and real parenting topics and stories from all over the world. It isn’t the fluffy stories about how to be the “Pinterest Mom” or  how we “should” be as parents. But instead they provide information, real experiences (without the sugar coating) and a supportive community where we can share our experiences in hopes that others can learn or be inspired by them. This is exactly the type of platform that I wanted to be part of and that is why the title meant the world to me.

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Toronto’s Baby Show Brings It All To New Parents

On September 23rd, The Baby Spot and Momma Braga got inside access to the ever so popular Baby Show Toronto at the Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place. We were excited to see the latest products, vendors, workshops and seminars at our fingertips in one convenient space.

We arrived at the beginning of the show and we could tell it was going to be a busy day as more people arrived. The layout was beautifully designed where it made it flow easier for the crowds. It truly is a popular show!

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Toronto’s Hidden Chocolate Tour Delight

A little Momma Braga fact to all my amazing readers and fans is that I am a chocoholic. I have been since I could start eating chocolates and from what I can see from past photo albums, it started in my toddler years.

Therefore, when I was invited through The Baby Spot to attend a Chocolate Tour in Toronto by Tasty Tours, I just couldn’t say no! I was so excited about the tour that for weeks that is all I could talk about. I had some family members who even giggled and thought how perfect this tour was for me and I couldn’t agree more! 😉

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An Artistic Canvas To Capture Your Family Moments

I love to take photos especially of my family as capturing our moments means a lot to me. I do love to print the very special photos to place in a photo album but I also like displaying them on my wall for everyone to see. A type of printing that I have really loved to use is the canvas.

Therefore, when I got the opportunity to get a canvas done by Canvas and Décor for a #MelandNikkiReview, I was beyond excited!

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Adventures in Asian Art: An Afternoon at the Museum

We were delighted to receive a new book this week for our #MelandNikkiReview called, Adventures in Asian Art: An Afternoon at the Museum.

This book follows a mother and her three young children as they discover art from across Asia.

From Indonesian rod puppets to Japanese samurai armor, the children explore how artworks were used and why they were created. With playful, informative text and animated illustrations, this book brings the museum and its art to life.

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The Stay-At-Home and Working Mom Dynamic

Before becoming a mom I didn’t even know there were “mom groups”. I don’t mean the groups you can find on Facebook or at your local community centre. I mean the divide between stay-at-home moms (SAHM) and working moms.

This got me thinking…….How are my relationships with my working mom friends? Was it different? Was I treated differently as a SAHM? Did I treat them differently?

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An Average Day as Momma Braga Part III

Welcome to the day shift which is part III & last to the series of An Average Day as Momma Braga. Hope everyone has enjoyed this series so far!

My husband’s day shift is Monday to Friday from 6:00 AM to 2:20 PM which means the day starts really early for him (4 AM).

Our average day starts a bit early on this shift at 7:00 AM as our daughter notices that dada is no longer home. So we are off to start our morning routine.

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An Average Day as Momma Braga Part II

Welcome to the afternoon shift which is part II to the series of An Average Day as Momma Braga. Hope everyone enjoyed part I 🙂

My husband’s afternoon shift is one of my favourite shifts as its Monday to Friday from 2:20 pm to 10:40 pm.

Our average day starts at 8 am which in my world is the best time ever! At this time our morning routine is already in full swing. My husband takes on making the beds and getting our daughter all ready for the day. I take on the task of the kitchen.

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An Average Day as Momma Braga Part I

I am truly grateful and thankful for all my fans and supporters of Momma Braga. I truly enjoy writing and all of you have been so great to me – thank you!

So when I heard that I had an article request, I was extremely excited!

I have been asked to write about what an average day looks like in my life as a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) and my first thought was that there is no real average day as each day depends on my daughter and what work shift my husband is on. So I decided the best way to do this piece is to make it a three-part series on, An Average Day as Momma Braga.

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