“Melanie is always enthusiastic about reading and sharing her thoughts, and I love that she gets her daughter involved to give us a child’s perspective. Her honest reviews are posted in a timely manner and she never fails to send the links over with a kind word. Melanie (and Nikki!) are a joy to work with!”

– Sam Devotta, Associate Publicist, Penguin Random House Canada Young Readers





“Melanie is such a pleasure to work with! She goes above and beyond what is expected and is always eager to do more. Thank you so much for all that you do, Melanie! I am so grateful to be able to work with you.”

-Madison Furr, Publicity at MacMillan Children’s Publishing Group




“It has been a joy to work with Melanie. She truly provides genuine, authentic reviews and has a passion for her family and readership. I highly recommend collaborating with Momma Braga and the amazing community she has created.”

– Brooke Schwartzman, PR Manager at Goliath Games






“Momma Braga’s interview style remains unsurpassed – Melanie touched on sensitive topics with grace, patience and respect. Thank you Melanie for the opportunity to share our family “journey” through childhood cancer and thank you for highlighting kidpreneur Owen’s business, The Nice Bench Co.

Featuring Owen and all that he does to #payitforward, we harnessed a greater social media community, online traffic and with that comes increased sales in kids’ furniture and accessories which then ultimately translates in gas gift cards for families traveling long distances for treatment. Every little bit helps. I thank you for the exposure and support.”

– Owen’s proud mom, Kirstin






“It has been a true pleasure working with Melanie at Momma Braga on product reviews for I See Me!. Melanie brings a sincere honesty, positivity, and enthusiasm to her blog. She is professional, communicative, and creative in her blog postings. She always goes above and beyond in her reviews, and we are truly grateful to her for such amazing support. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking product reviews!”

– Sammy Bosch, Public Relations Specialist at I See Me!




“I am so grateful to have met Melanie! She radiates positivity and an amazing energy into her work that is so refreshing to see! I am honoured to have been featured by her and her continued support of me and my shop, means so much! Her kind words about my shop go beyond a positive review for me, they truly brought me happiness and a feeling that reaffirmed what I do, is what I’m meant to. Thank you so much Melanie!”

-Stef, Owner of A Little Leafy






“Melanie of Momma Braga was the very first blogger to be supportive of my product. As an inventor, creating a new product and bringing it to market is one of the most difficult things anyone can do. Melanie with her blog Momma Braga was incredibly supportive and consistently went far above anyone else’s support. She did the first review of my product and has always commented and participated in our pages. I am so very grateful for her ongoing and vital support. She is truly a part of our team. Thank you Melanie!”

-Francine Weinberg, Founder, Baby Tripster



“Momma Braga is a testament to how an earnest, caring and thought-provoking voice can really stand out in a crowd. Her positive parenting posts are filled with a genuine intent to aid, guide and support families. Partnering with Momma Braga to bring to light the value of swim lessons at Aqua-Tots Swim Schools has ben a phenomenal experience. Momma Braga focuses on brining to surface those experiences and topics that are insight-driven and offer a unique perspective. She much like her content is timely, candid, and intelligent. We look forward to reading all the posts!”

-Natalia Paruzel-Gibson, Manager, Aqua-Tots Swim Schools






“Getting to know Melanie has been an absolute pleasure. She is one of the kindest people I have ever gotten the pleasure to work with. Melanie is very honest in her blogs and provides an invaluable service to her readers with her honest reviews. She values her readers and that is very apparent in her writing. She wrote the most amazing review of our products and for that I will be forever grateful.”

-Jessica Cesario, Marketing Director, Mimos Pillow Canada

“I had the pleasure of working with Melanie from Momma Braga when she featured my company, Ever After Entertainment in her blog. Melanie and her daughter had been at a party where our one of our princesses was performing and right away tweeted about her experience. When I saw this I looked into Momma Braga and right away contacted Melanie to see how we could work together. Melanie has been a pleasure to work with from start to finish. The beautiful feature she wrote about her experience with our princess at her daughter’s party was genuine and heartfelt. Melanie was professional from start to end and I am looking forward to the next opportunity we can work together again. Thank you Momma Braga!”

– Stefanie Denise, Owner of Ever After Entertainment





Momma Braga is a pleasure to work with! She is quick to respond to emails, professional, and someone you can depend on to get the job done! I highly recommend using her review services.”

Kelsey at BookPublicityServices.com





“I had the pleasure of ‘meeting’, and working with Mel when she featured Vilajing on her blog.  What a breath of fresh air it was to work with her!   One of the things that struck me most about Mel is how much she GENUINELY CARES about her worldwide audience.  It very quickly became clear that her number one priority is the quality of content, and value that she brings to her readers.  I have been reading and following many ‘mom-bloggers’ for years, and Mel stands out as someone whose motivation for what she does is pure, honest, and an inspiration.  Working with Mel was a refreshing experience and I would recommend her to anyone.”

Laura, Owner






“I had the satisfaction of working with Melanie on a special design for her sister’s bridal shower amongst other projects, not only was she amazing to work with but she also allowed me to make suggestions that she received with open arms. It was a pleasure to be featured on Momma Braga for the title of Mom of the Month. I was equally shocked and humbled that she had chosen my business to share on her blog that reaches parents worldwide. She took great care to showcase the struggles and joys of juggling both being a full time mom and a full time business owner. Melanie has done a terrific job with the Momma Braga brand which is a great outlet for parents to read and follow. I know that her brand will continue to flourish as time goes by.”

Maria, Owner






“I first got to know Melanie via a promotion on her blog was doing for my company. What I was immediately struck by was her professionalism and attention to detail. Melanie kept me in the loop every step of the way, and if I ever emailed her with a question, her responses were almost instant…no matter the time of the day or night. It was quite obvious that she is passionate about the work she does, and works hard to make sure that whoever she is working with has the best experience possible. I would work with Melanie again without hesitation, and look forward to the next opportunity to do so.”

Kevin Hale, President








“Melanie started writing for The Baby Spot a year ago (2015). She was a new blogger who was keen on getting her message across to our readership. Over the course of the year, Melanie’s blog and following has grown tremendously.

Melanie’s blog will continue to be a staple in the parenting community. What makes her stand out? She puts her heart and soul into every blog post. She tests every product herself with her young child. She not only will believe in your business but champion for it. You will see her post wonderful thoughts and direct her dedicated readership to your product or service. She does this because she is not behind your product, but beside it.

She has a dedicated following because she is humble, she cares about her readership and develops relationships with them. She knows the parenting world, she constantly researchers trends, she is eager to learn and stays on top of parenting topics. She tells the truth openly and with class and that is why she will only continue to grow.

From a personal standpoint, Melanie is reliable, I can always count on her to put out thoughtful, engaging posts that are unique to the parenting world. She is not afraid to talk about real topics and she has a beautiful family that has tested many of our products. Her product reviews are detailed and organized. Any company or business would be proud to have her. You definitely would want Melanie on your team.

Her audience trusts her good judgement and appreciates her opinion pieces. It’s no surprise to me why she a global following and my audience does not get enough of her engaging posts.

She also is extremely helpful in The Baby Spot Twitter Chats and is excited about the brands or messaging that we represent. She is a wonderful ally and friend to our business.

If you are looking to partner with a blog that will have longevity on the internet, a keen and engaged audience and someone who will care for your product or service as if it is her own make the right business choice and choose Momma Braga.”

Grace Cross, Owner & Editor

The Baby Spot





“Melanie has a concerned eye, able to spot brands that not only contribute to positive child development but that are making a social difference. She asks questions and provides information to her reader that is more in-depth than your typical blog. She gives practical and thorough details. Communication with Melanie is amazing and such a pleasure. We were especially grateful to Melanie for spotting our work early on to bring kids more choice and diversity in their play. She has been a big supporter, and it’s the community of wonderful bloggers and mothers like her who keep us moving forward even when times get tough. The community encouragement has been humbling. We need more Momma Bragas in this world, but in the meantime, here’s a great one!”

Kristen Johnson, Co-Founder & Owner





“Melanie is a personable and professional person who strives to bring the latest and honest information to parents. It was a sincere pleasure being interviewed by her for the prestigious title of, Dad of the Month. During the process, she was kind, attentive and ensured that my business and I were represented professionally. We are truly grateful to have had the opportunity to be featured and showcased to her audience of parents worldwide. Momma Braga is a must follow brand and I expect there is a lot more to come from her!”

Jian Magen, President







“In this day in age where society and big government increasingly attempts to take parenting out of the hands of parents it is very important for parents to band together. This doesn’t mean we always have to agree. Parenting is a fluid and living/breathing entity. Once you think you have it figured out something changes.

That is why I believe parents need each other. It use to be the children were raised by a village. Hence the term “it takes a village.” The problem is that there is no village anymore. That isn’t fully true thanks to efforts like Momma Braga. Creating a place where parents can go, share, listen, learn…is so important.

As a parent it has been fantastic working with Momma Braga. The relationship forged with the single goal of helping other parents out has been short of amazing. I truly think all parents need to start utilizing formats like this to continue progressing as parents and as a person.

A big thank you to Momma Braga for the product she is putting out.”

Jax Menez Atwell
Atwell Investigations

“When Melanie shares tips and resources, it feels as though I’m sitting down with a good friend, enjoying a soothing cup of coffee or a lovely glass of wine.  The conversation is supportive and practical, and always includes a touch of humor to soften the struggles of parenting.  I can trust Melanie to bring me the latest information with an open mind yet just the right amount of critical thinking that’s essential to our growth as parents.”

Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP co-author of Raising a Healthy Happy Eater, Baby Self-Feeding and feeding specialist at www.parentinginthekitchen.com