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Elijah “Drax Shadow” Mainville

This page is all about my little buddy Elijah “Drax Shadow” Mainville. I first knew of Elijah when I heard about his “Tough Enough” submission video. Let me backtrack and fill you in a bit…In 2015, WWE decided to bring back one of their programs called “Tough Enough.” They put out a nationwide casting call searching for people to be on the show, they asked that anyone who wanted to be on the show send in a video showing why they were “Tough Enough.” They had thousands of submissions, but one in particular stood out. It was 8 year old Elijah Mainville, here is his video ElijahIsToughEnough. Stephanie, and Triple H were so impressed with Elijah that this happened, ElijahsWWEContract

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Lights for Elijah

I have this massive goal, and with everyone’s help, we can make it happen! My goal is to fill social media with posts of Christmas lights, I want to bring a smile to a very special boy’s face.

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Grace Cross

3 Must Have Gifts To Get Your Kids Right Now!!!

As I walked with my four year old down a busy city street in the sweltering heat, I stopped momentarily to grab my key out of my purse so I was prepared to unlock a building door. As I reached for the front glass door, an elderly gentleman beat me to it, opened the door for both myself and my daughter.
“Thank you!” I said with a smile. I hear my daughter’s tiny voice echo her thank yous.

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Fitting in Versus Standing Out

No parent wants their child to come home and cry that they’re being bullied.  They do not want to hear how their baby, whom they loved and raised, is being teased for not having the latest style or following a trend. As ridiculous as it sounds, a child can be bullied by their peers if they are not wearing the fashion of the minute. Out of fear, some parents will overspend, even go into debt so their children are wearing expensive fashion of the moment, so they fit in with their peers. However, this sends a clear message to the child, to follow what other’s tell them is the right thing to do. We want to raise independent children who know the value of a dollar and children whose personal creativity should shine. WE want our children to be individuals and stand out verses fit in.

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4 Tips to Avoid Being a Mean Mommy

We all have met them. That mom, who is judgmental, has a problem with every other mother’s parenting practices, gossiping about family life and making overzealous assumptions. We can’t stand mean mommies but can we be that mean mother sometimes? Here are four reminders on how to avoid being that Mean Momma.

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Jax Menez Atwell

A Run in with My Younger Self

I’d fallen asleep but found myself awake in a strange place.  An alley.  A dark alley with dim lighting from a lamp above, some fog and mist for affect.  There before me was my younger self.  It appeared he was listening to me.  What was I saying? 

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