World of Barbie Tour Experience

World of Barbie Tour brings out your inner Barbie to life as you get to explore pieces of her world in your size. As you experience each section of the tour, “You can be anything” is reflected throughout. – Momma Braga

About World Barbie Tour

In central Mississauga, across from the popular Square One Shopping Mall, you will find World of Barbie Tour where you can discover, explore, and revel in Barbie’s lifestyle and the many careers that she has had.

Guests can enjoy a variety of different activities such as:

  • Visit the iconic Dreamhouse, that has been brought to life.
  • Chill out in her full size camper van.
  • Travel to intergalactic destinations abroad Barbie Interstellar Airways shuttle!
  • Grace the mic and record their masterpiece in her Music Studio!
  • Revisit Barbie dolls and accessories from over six decades of fun!


World of Barbie Tour was an experience that my sister and I have always dreamt of doing especially with our daughters. We use to play Barbies all the time when we were younger and now we play Barbies with my eight-year old daughter and her four-year old daughter.

Therefore, we had to get tickets to check out what seemed to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Entering World of Barbie Tour, the energy was exciting as it was BARBIE’S WORLD! We were able to go in about five minutes before our timeslot.

In all honesty, I was expecting a “tour” type of experience especially with so much to see and it seemed like there were a lot of people when we were there. It created a bit of an overwhelming experience for us personally. That is why for this #MelAndNikkiReview, we give it 3 stars out of 5!  Many people truly enjoyed it and there are many people who did not enjoy the overall experience.

Since this post is based on our own experience we will break it down into positives and areas of improvement. 😉

The Positives

The divided sections with the different activities was great as it helped divide the crowd a little. My daughter and goddaughter loved the ball pit but what kid wouldn’t?!

We loved being able to experience the different careers that Barbie had and it was nice to see the inside of her closet (only in my dreams)! Certain attractions at World of Barbie had a line in order to enjoy it like the Camper and Barbie’s Closet. This was an excellent idea as you get to take a photo of the scene without other people in it and you get to fully enjoy it.

Of course, being able to take photos in Barbie’s World was fun and we got to bring out the inner Barbie in us all.

Areas of Improvement

A tour would be great as a tour especially when guests have booked timeslots. We would have loved to visit the different sections and have someone enthusiastic giving some Barbie info. It would make each section a little more meaningful. This would be beneficial to the overall ambience of the event and make it feel less overwhelming.

Another recommendation is to have a line up to enter Barbie’s Dreamhouse. Would have loved to take photos of the kitchen and living room areas in a more calm fashion (also not to have photos of strangers in the scenes). The camper had a line up; however, many guests did not know or pay attention and ended up being behind those who waited to get a photo in the front of the camper. This just adds unneeded chaos.

A few sections lacked character or instructions such as the science one which I felt could have had more. It looked boring and no one was interested in it. More thought should have been put into that section to make it more fun as science is awesome.

Lastly, the Barbie store was very tiny and didn’t bring that wow factor you would expect from Barbie’s World. It could have been the space the venue had to offer that made it feel this way but it would have been great to see something more spectacular.

Overall, we did have fun and we made it the most special event for our girls. As I left World of Barbie Tour with my daughter, we talked about Barbie’s empowering message of “You can be anything.” That to me was the most important take away from this experience. She agreed as there are many things she wants to be when she grows up and I can’t wait!

Until next time…Happy Parenting!

-Momma Braga

*Please note that this is not a sponsored or paid post. All opinions expressed are from our own experience and are all honest.

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  1. Would you recommend for 3 year old girls?

    1. Hi Laurel,
      The ball pit would be one place 3 year old girls would enjoy the most. But they could be limited to the time spent in it. Many of the other exhibits are nice to see and not much available for them to play. Unless she is a HUGE fan of Barbie, I wouldn’t suggest going.

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